November 28 2010
November 30 2010

November 29 2010

November 29 2010 035

The only pic I snapped today. The leapster is saved for waiting rooms and long car rides.

  • Spent a good part of the morning at the ear doc, again.  When I told Jack that he had to go to the doctor with me again--mind you he's only been to the dr with me once...ever.  He sighed dramatcially and said, "Again!" Ummm...yeah cry me a river.  Anyways the verdict is the infection is gone and shouldn't come back, though I have proved them wrong before. The senstivity to the cold should go away, eventually. And there is still some swelling from the infection. But no more drops for now and the same instructions as before.
  • I got a crazy hair and I dyed my hair. ;) Like really dyed it. 
  • Thanks to my lists, despite spending way too much time at the dr's I actually accomplished something, not much but something.
  • I think Jack may be getting ready to loose some teeth. We know his front ones are getting close- thank to the xray at his last appointment. Hes been complaining about them being sensitive when he eats certain foods-especially chwewy foods. I'm wondering if maybe this has something to do with how whiny he has been lately? He has been super sensitive and whiny.  I realized it a little over a week  ago and have been trying to figure out the cause. Hmmmm....just some random thoughts there wondering if it is more than coincidence.
  • I got dreidels and gold coins for Wed.
  • Jack was telling Talisa all about leaving his shoes out for St Nick. I had forgotten about that--hey last Christmas season was hectic-- looks like I have some planning to do.
  • Check out my right sidebar. I added some links for the classes I'm taking. This Wed my photo class will start and then in January the Soul Restoration class starts. I'm super excited for both!


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