August 16 2010
August 19 2010

August 17 2010


I forgot to post our pictures from our trip to the fair last week! We went out last Thursday and were hoping to see the animals and displays. The only animals we saw were in the 4-h display. Jack was hoping to see some of the show chickens and wanted to take his chickens to the fair to show. Maybe next year.

He did have fun at the animal education center set up by 4-h. He loved the track matching activity.


We also visited a rain forest animal display. There was a ringtail lemur there that was seriously obsessed with Jack. Every time Jack came to it's cage it would start jumping around acting like he wanted to play, then when Jack walked away the lemur would sit down and act sad until Jack came back. I felt bad for it. Zac was ready to take it home--don't worry no plans for a lemur anytime soon. ;) 



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