August 17 2010
August 21 2010

August 19 2010

Time for an overdue update on the chicks.



The polish girls are getting all their head feather in. These are Jack's favorite, specifically the white one in the picture above.


This is one of the sebrights.  These were the weak ones,  one of them I hand to hand feed and water for the first day. I honestly didn't think they would make it, but all three of them did.


This is one of the buttercups. I ordered these because of how friendly they were said to be. I believe it. These gals are curious and very friendly. Last night I was sitting on the lawn out back talking on the phone and both buttercups jumped up on my shoulder and tried to figure out what it was I was doing. 

This is one of the Rhode Island Reds. We call her Stumpy. She is the runt of the whole group. Her feathers are just starting to come in, she can't fly yet, and she gets picked on constantly but despite it all she thinks she is the coolest one around. :)


Not sure on the breed on these, but we're pretty sure the one on the right is a rooster. We have two others of the same breed and this one is definitely different.

The white one in the back is our sweetie. She is an araucana, in fact I think the golden one in the picture above is also.  You can see two of the sebrights above and also part of a Japanese bantam.

I need to get pictures of the others, but some of them are fast!


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