Oct 11 2010
October 22 2010

October 18 2010

This past weekend we were able to go away and take a mini vacation. We were meeting our family from back east down in Vegas and we had a load of things we needed/wanted to do  down there so we decided to stay the night. It was exhausting and fun!

Oct 16-17 2010 003

Jack loved the water feature in one of the hotels.

Oct 16-17 2010 011


Oct 16-17 2010 012

Oct 16-17 2010 014

We were able to find lacrosse sticks for the girls. Did I mention practice started last week. So excited for that.

Oct 16-17 2010 037

The boys and I waited outside and tried to get rid of some excess energy.

We stayed in a great hotel and it even had a Trader Joes right across the street.  The kids were able to get some swimming in, we were able to spend a lot of time with our visiting family and we're pretty sure we'll be doing it again.



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