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scenes from the weekend 10/09

The birthday version. For Jack's birthday we went to a nearby city to visit the aquarium at one of the hotels.  (sorry...trying to avoid search terms here).   The boy has been obsessed with ocean life for a while now and what better way to celebrate his birthday than doing something he loves.


Even better when there is a race car parked right in the lobby. Cars and sea life. Awesome!

Alex, Jack and a komodo dragon.  What we found really odd is how sweet and peaceful he looked. It looked like he was smiling.

Piranhas. We also saw some Arapiama, both of these are his favorites from the show River Monsters. He was so excited to see them in person.




Talisa and Jack at the touch tank. There were different rays and horseshoe crabs in there.







Jack, Talisa and the golden crocodile. Awesome since we just studied Thailand.



After the aquarium we: went to lunch, went to the pet store (didn't buy anything), went to the mall, then we went to a kids pizza place to play off some energy,  then it was time to head home.  It was a great day and declared the most awesome day ever by the birthday boy.  Today was spent in full-fledged recovery mode.  Oh and giving Jack his present which was two r/c cars. He LOVES them.

On the list for this week:

  • choir
  • yoga
  • corn maze and farm field trip
  • swimming, maybe.
  • Apple fest, hopefully. :)
  • a nature walk to look for leaves that have fallen
  • making cinnamon spice play dough
  • decorate for fall, yes still working on it.
  • finish painting master bath, yes still working on that too.
  • finish dining room picture frames and hang.
  • return jeans to target.
  • pumpkin snickerdoodles
  • r/c car time. :)
  • The older kids have two days off this week! Yay! 
  • hopefully start baking some goodies for Halloween now that I am getting some room in my freezer.

What's on your list?


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