Vacation day 3
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Day 4

On Tuesday,  we checked out of our hotel, grabbed one last Starbucks and headed south. 


First stop Sea World. Luckily it was a beautiful day.


We decided to sign up for the Up-Close Tour.  It was one of our favorite parts. First we went behind the scenes and talked about the dolphins and got a glimpse of the mama and baby dolphin in the back, along with some other species. 


Then we saw a sea turtle that was being treated. Next up we were able to see the labs where they test the water and  the operating room.


After that we headed over to the shark lab.


Where we saw the egg incubator.


I don't know if you can make out the shark in the egg, but it was very cool to see in swimming around in the egg. We also were able to hold an already hatched egg, very cool.


Then we were able to touch the sharks in this tank.

Someone was really thrilled about the whole thing.


I think I want a display of shark jaws in my house. Seriously. I should live in a museum.


I would highly recommend the tours. We both learned a lot and enjoyed seeing some of the inner workings. The tour guides are more than willing to answer questions. 


After the tour we had some lunch and walked around some more. It was getting hot out and we were feeling the it, so we bought some hats. Jack picked a fedora, of course. I took whatever hat would fit my big head. They only had one.


We took in the dolphin show. It wasn't like the one I remembered from years past. A lot less dolphin and a lot more human acting. It was neat, but I really enjoyed the dolphin shows. Right after the dolphin show we headed over to the Shamu show.  We really enjoyed that.


Jack was praying to get wet. I was glad we didn't. :)


We stopped by the tide pool after the show to see some starfish. Those have always been a favorite. Then we walked through all of the aquariums.  It was getting late, but we had time to make it to the sea lion show. That was definitely Jack's favorite.  He loved that you could dance and work with sea animals. :)

Then it was time to go. We checked in to our new hotel, down in the bay.  After that we headed out to find some dinner. That turned out to be a lot harder than planned. It was Valentine's day so everything was packed. The only resturants near by were expensive bars, no thanks.  After trying to find another place, we finally settled on Subway. Gotta love it. 





I didn't know they had a background tour! Those shark eggs are really cool!

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