scenes from the weekend 2/19
Vacation day 3

vacation days 1-2

I'm trying to split the trip up into managable pieces. :)

Here we are getting ready to leave.  It's a rule to have a pic at the start of a road trip.  Eight hours in the car. That was a long drive. By the time we got there, I questioned my sanity in ever planning the trip.


As soon as we got to the hotel, Jack facetimed home.   That night all we did was get dinner and shower.  I unfortunately ate something that didn't sit well with me and I was up all night long. I repeat ALL NIGHT LONG.  By the time Jack woke up I was a wreck. Luckily there was Starbucks at the hotel. I pulled it together, well with the help of a phone call from hubby and we set out to have a good day anyways.  We decided to do Legoland that day since the weather was in our favor.  Originally we were planning on going on Monday and getting the homeschool discount, but it was supposed to rain on Monday.


He was so excited.  Everything was so thrilling to him. I think I have a rollercoaster junkie on my hands.


This was our first ride.


Of course we had to get a shot with Lego Harry Potter. I didn't even think to get a pic of myself.


This was his first real experience at an amusement park.


He loved the brick wall at the cafe.



Learning how to make apple fries is my new personal quest in life. Those were yummy. And look who actually tried them.


I burned out real quick and by 4 o'clock was trying not to fall asleep on the benches. So we reluctantly called it a day.

We went back to the hotel for a bit so I could rest while he played with his souvenir lego set.  


On the way to dinner, we stopped by one of the beaches right by our hotel for his first glimpse at the ocean.


He decided it was pretty cool.



And by the time we ordered dinner he was looking pretty tired too.


I'm happy to say that thankfully we both slept well the second night.





Kids say, "Hope you guys had fun! Really hope we get to see you in October (when we come)."

Glad day two involved good sleep :) Makes the rest of it so much easier! Can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story.

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