20 years
Day 3 in San Francisco

Day two of our trip

This day was our actual anniversary!  We left the hotel in search of coffee and breakfast. We found both at Toast Eatery. Yummy. Would highly recommend. After that we worked our way over to Golden Gate Park. The plan was to go to the DeYoung museum to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit. When we got there however, it was packed. Really packed. Instead we went over to the California Academy of Sciences .  It was awesome!


First we checked out the rainforest exhibit.


The butterflies were amazing, but we are kind of partial.


I loved seeing all the different geckos and taking pictures to show my gecko boy.



Next we hit the aquarium. 

My favorite was the huge coral reef tank. There was one fish swimming in a huge circle upside down. He looked like he was having fun.


We grabbed some lunch in the cafe there and then took a minute at the earthquake exhibit. We didn't go in the simulator. An earthquake is something I really don't even want to pretend to experience.  I live on fault lines, we've  had some minor ones. I'm good.


Next we went on a behind the scenes tour. I have a policy- if you have the money do the tours, you will learn so much more.   Our first stop was on the living roof. We were able to walk our a bit and see things up close.


Including these whale bones that were drying out.


Next we talked about this killer whale skeleton and what makes him so special.


Next we visited one of the ichthyology collection rooms. So cool. I am a sucker for collections.


Next was the gem and mineral vault. Would have loved to have Jack along for this one since we have been knee deep in gems and minerals lately.

Next we met an entomologist and were able to watch him work for a bit. Very fascinating. I have pics, but don't want to share without permission. :)


My most favorite part though was the naturalist room. Oh my. A Homeschooler's heaven. I want to move there. I loved this room. I immediately started thinking of ways to bring this room and the components into our home.  The cabinets full of specimens that you can look at, the books, the collections. Sigh. If we lived nearby I would bring the kids here every day. Seriously.



These learning trays were wonderful! I need to recreate these.



I took lots of pictures because I was interested in how they stored and displayed their collections.


This was by far one of the best thing we did while in San Francisco. I highly recommend it.    we walked through some of the rest of the park in our search for a bus stop. After that we went back to Fisherman's wharf and went to Bistro Boudin for dinner. It was delicious.




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