Day 5 San Francisco

Colonial fair

This year quite a few families in our homeschool group were going to be studying the colonial times.  A new family joined the group happened to be involved in reenacting the colonial period and French Indian war.  We decided to try to bring a piece of that to the group with a colonial fair. 


Those who wanted to were encouraged to set up tables and teach everyone else how to make something from that time period.  Jack made dreamcatchers. I did leather stamping and Alex made soap.


There were quill pens and ink.




Herbs and salves. There were also: corn husk dolls, butter making, tea, and children's games.

Our friend was able to get another reenactor to come down and show us some of his collection of Colonial items.




First, we went around and everyone to a turn explaining their tables and what they prepared. We had our experts explain what they had brought with them. After that everyone was free to visit the tables and make something or collect samples. It worked out really well.

It was a really fun day. The kids and adults really enjoyed it.   We are looking forward to planning the next one.



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