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October 2014

California trip part two


The next day was Jack's 10th birthday!  We had to get a few supplies in Reno before we headed out. The boys were a little cold the first night so we bought two extra sleeping bags so they could double up if needed.


You could tell as soon as we hit California. The sagebrush scenery was replaced with trees, lots of them.


We made it to Lassen Volcanic park in time for a late lunch.  It was really neat learning about the different types of volcanoes and geologic features of the park. We did one hike, Bumpass Hell, while we were in the park.




We made it down to the mud pots and vents. It was very stinky!


We decided not to stay at the top of Lassen that night as it was already windy and cold.  We drove down the other side of the park and found a campground. 


We had to have some cupcakes to celebrate the big birthday. I was glad I threw a few candles in my backpack.  We sang happy birthday around the fire and enjoyed our cupcakes.


Jack was amazed how big the cones were.


Before leaving the campground the next day we did some laundry and took showers. Nice perk.


We stopped at Whiskey Creek lake for lunch that day.


And by that night we made it to Humboldt Redwoods state park.


This was our first view of the trees since we arrived after dark.


The boys explored after camp was set up. We also saw a fox run through the edge of our camp, but he was too quick for pictures.


Greeting the redwoods the next morning. I'll cover more of the redwoods in my next post.


California trip part one.

A couple of weeks ago all the boys and I headed out on a camping trip to California. This was my first camping trip in 11 years. Yikes. I was a bit nervous about going. My boys are all tough and like to primitive camp. 


The first day we left Utah and started through Nevada.  One of our first stops was also one of our favorite swimming holes.


We ate lunch and the boys jumped in for a swim break. IMG_6187

The boys also went on a bullfrog hunt.


And finally caught a small one.




We drove the extra-terrestrial highway.







We made it most of the way through Nevada and stopped at some hot springs the first night.


It was nice to soak before bed and to warm up in the morning before leaving.


Our next stop was Virginia City, Nevada.  It was a cute little town.


Our main reason for stopping was to visit the mine that my great-great grandpa owned and sold to Comstock.  Jack learned about it last year and loved  seeing the actual mine in person.



We didn't make it as far as we had hoped the second day and ended up staying in Reno that night. Our oldest son had a friend there that he really wanted to spend time with so we decided to get a hotel.