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September 2015

Sunday hike.


This week we went to one of our favorite places to collect and forage.


Our first stop is always the apple trees. They weren't quite ready this time.


Jack was thrilled to find so many ferns. He has been learning a lot with Apologia Botany and has been having fun finding and identifying so many different types of plants.


Taking a break in the campground gazebo. Always a lovely spot to stop and watch for wildlife.


Taking a snack break on our favorite rock. It's fun to look back through the years and see how many pictures I have taken of the kids on this rock.


A short hike down to a little creek. We found lots of moss and the boys collected different samples to bring back for a project they are working on.



We were able to collect some prickly pear fruit for Jack, along with some pine cones and acorns.


After every hike this happens. The pup falls asleep in his arms. Too cute.

Thanks for being patient with me while I get back in the groove.