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Handmade market day

This past week, our homeschool group held a handmade market day for the kids. There was some miscommunication in the group and the planning was left until the last minute. There was a lot of debate over how to handle the market, payment, etc. We have held one in the past in which some of the items were priced incredibly high and wanted to avoid that scenario.  A few days before the market we got some details on how we could run it, but in the end the kids decided that they just wanted to trade items anyways. 

Jack made perler bead items and also did origami by request.



Here are some of the items other children brought:


tic-tac-toe bag games.


Homemade cookies and custom lego sets.


Popsicle stick and q-tip bow and arrow set.


Pool noodle nunchucks.



Fabric belts, popsicle stick boxes and bent popsicle stick bracelets.


foam stamps.


handmade greeting cards.

Looking forward to doing this again!


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