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Bullet Journal

For the past few years I have been using a bullet journal instead of a planner to keep organized. I found that a traditional planner didnt give me the space I needed to organize our homeschool days.  I like being able to customize the journal to our current stage of life, different goals, and I really liked having a place to track my habits. 





My weekly habits that I want to track are: journaling, exercising, working on a project, writing, blogging, Bravewriter(alliance, scopes, and classes), dog training, reading for an hour/day, morning time, homeschool, quiet time, school records, bullet journal, motivated moms, handwriting 10 minutes/day, apple cider vinegar daily, trim healthy mama eating, and stitching.   These are all listed on my weekly habit tracker. 


Next to my habit tracker I have space to write my goals for the week. These could be longer term goals that need to be on my radar, or just goals I would like to hit curing the week.  For instance: signing up for class, finishing a certain book, figuring out a certain problem, mailing something, something that needs to be done for my homeschool group, etc.   



Under the habit tracker and goals section, I divide the bottom half into the following sections: menu, blog ideas, projects to work on, school focus, homeschool group to dos, house to do, and to do. This leaves me one section that usually ends up as notes.  



On the right hand page, I have my weekly planner. I list the days, with dates next to them leaving enough space to write in what we have to do each day, about 7-8 lines and two columns.  Over the weekend, I list what is already planned for each day: homeschool activities, appointments, classes, etc.  Then each night I go over my lists and add in what needs to be done the next day.  At the beginning of the week, the planner looks pretty bare, by the end it is all filled in and usually messy. It's okay, that is what works for me. 

In addition to my weekly spread I have the following pages:

long term planning- four months at a time. 



A monthly list of weekly goals- from this I pull some of the goals listed on my weekly spread. 


Books to read.


A list of things that make me happy


Homeschool check in- to keep track of ideas and notes. 


Homeschool group goals, event ideas, to dos.


Nature study ideas. I lead a Charlotte Mason type nature study each week. This is a place to list all the ideas and refer to throughout the year.  


Wants- things I would like to buy or do. 


Projects- I always want to do holiday crafts but leave them to the last minute. My goal this year is to work on some each month. This page is divided into months for each I will list 1 current project(non holiday) 2 holiday, 1 long term(like a yearly stitch along), and 1 gift.  


And that is a peek inside my bullet journal. Do you bullet journal? What is your favorite way to plan?  


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