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January homeschool review

This year has been a hard one homeschool wise. We just haven't hit our groove, which has been odd because with Jack we have always had our groove.  He has always been easy to homeschool.  I'm not sure if it is him or if it is me, but this year we have been struggling. 

Early in December, I decided that we would take time off until January. Our schedule was busy already with holiday activities and I could take the time to decided on a game plan for the rest of our school year. Call it professional development.  On January 4th I was still not ready to start school, but we tried. The first day we found ourselves back where we left off. In a rut. Unhappy. This wasn't what I wanted for our homeschool.  I called another time out and started doing some serious reflection and learning on what I could change.  

Enter Julie Sweeney and Bravescopes. I have been following Julie's scopes since the beginning, but still hadn't managed to keep up on watching them all.  Specifically I listened to the Morning Routine scope and the Enchanted Education scope. It was just what I needed.  In talking with a few friends it dawned on me that Jack was bored...out of his mind. He is the child who only needs to hear something one time and he has it. He is the child who moves at the speed of light through concepts and understanding.  He is the child who can carry on scientific conversations with college students. And here we were trudging through a curriculum. And that is what it felt like. Trudging.  Okay so how could we change this. 

We are bagging most of our curriculum. I know. Part of me cringes at this thought.  We are bagging our schedule. Ouch. That one is hard for me too. Here is our plan:

Morning Routine:

  • Wake up, read, play.  He always reads in the morning and I am not going to rush him anymore. 
  • Breakfast and animals. He always comes out of his room dressed so that is not an issue. He will eat breakfast, usually with a book in his hand and then turn on the lights for his lizard and snake. 
  • Morning Time- We love morning time. We will read our current book club read, science, astronomy, history, whatever. Rich and varied. 
  • Table time- math, Bravewriter class, and whatever else I feel like we need to work on. 
  • Lunch break. Food and movement. 
  • Project time. The time after lunch we will work on science or history projects. I have a friend who does science one week and history the next, this gives them time to go deep.  I'm not sure how this work for us yet, if we wills witch every day or go by the week. I kind of think we will just go with the flow. 

You will notice that we also signed up for one of the Bravewriter online classes. I've been homeschooling for 16 years. I have never outsourced a class. We have never had a co-op that offered classes. It's time for that to change and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity for us. So far we love it. I would highly recommend Bravewriter online classes. 

My main goal with these changes is to slow down, allow him time to engage with learning that interests him, and allow time for enchantment.  

This week our learning plans are:

  • start reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea for book club
  • Work on a display for our groups Night at the Museum activity this weekend, he is doing Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Study astronomy- books, telescope
  • Our Bravewriter course. 
  • Harry Potter- he read the first four in one week and is now reading the fifth. This has taken up most of his spare time. 



Jess Townes

I'm planning a reset too. Meeting around the fire with hot cocoa with notebooks and open ears. Love these ideas!


Jess- Good luck! Sounds like a lovely way to work on it though with a fire and hot cocoa!

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