January homeschool review
January homeschool review part 2

Learning to take the time

One of the major goals I have this year is taking time for myself.  I am not good at it. I used to be, because with 3 kids under three years old it is necessary for survival. Over the years it has become harder and harder to do. Life seasons I guess.  Those little ones became teenagers, who sometimes needed me more at that age than the toddler years. Classes, sports, homework, projects, there was just too much going on. And so that time for myself slowly disappeared.  


When I was telling my hubby about some things I wanted to change, he mentioned that he wanted me to take more time for myself and start doing things I want to do.  So we made a plan, I asked him to help keep me accountable.  


Here is how it looks so far. I pack up everything I think I might need and head to the coffee shop or library. I tried the book store but that was too distracting for me. I needed someplace quieter.  I try to spend at least one and a half to two hours. During this time I try to do things for me. I try to forget all my other to do lists- for family, for the homeschool group, etc.  I even try not to work on our homeschool stuff during that time. Easier said than done.  Two weeks in, this self care is working wonders. My family swears I come home happy. It has also helped me set boundaries in other areas of my life.

Another step was signing Jack up for an online writing class. Writing tends to be subject in our house that gets ignored, or causes tears. I decided that we would try one of the Bravewriter classes and we love it! It has been a blessing for both of us. We are both learning and it takes some of the stress off of me as the teacher. 

Another instance,  in our homeschool group that I run, I usually volunteer my house for activities.  This week I went to the library and reserved the community room for all of our upcoming activities, including the one this Saturday. I left the library feeling great. Activities at our house usually take me at least a day to prep and clean up from. No more. It felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. And my kids are happy about it- because it's their rooms that get messy, or their toys, or their lives that get interrupted. And that is exactly what it was an interruption.  Now we can enjoy the activity itself. I'm so excited about that. And that feeling is snowballing. I am starting to look for other areas of my life that I can outsource or things that can be cut out of the schedule.  


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