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Night at the Museum Fair

This past weekend, our homeschool group held a Night at the Museum fair.  The children picked a character from one of the Night at the Museum movies to be for the fair.  They would hopefully dress like the character, present a "museum" type display for the character and then if they chose they could give an oral presentation. 

Jack chose to be Teddy Roosevelt.  


For his display he made a model of the Badlands. 



He also drew a map of Sagamore Hill. 




He gave an oral report, detailing the major events in Teddy Roosevelt's life starting with his birth and ending with his death. 


Some of the other presentations were: Jedidiah Smith, the Egyptians, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Capuchin monkey,  and Escher.  





This was a really fun activity and I am looking forward to doing it again. 



Great idea!

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