Things that are saving me right now.
Nature study this winter.

February homeschool reset

That January homeschool reset really didn't last long.  When I finally thought we would be able to start again, a dear friend passed away. 

That did give me time to watch a couple of the Bravewriter retreat dvds and also a few awesome scopes from Julie of Bravewriter.  These have helped me find my way back to how I want our homeschool to be. 

Here is the plan that we came up with for the month of February. 



  • math- looping through Life of Fred Fractions, Beast Academy, Khan, and whatever else. Variety is the key for this.
  • Morning time
  • Writing- working through Partnership Writing and an online Bravewriter class. 
  • Copywork- taken from our current read aloud, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. 
  • Physics- simple fun experiments. 




  • nature study
  • skiing
  • park day


When we feel like it:

  • History- right now we are slowly watching the documentary The West
  • Astronomy- when it's not cloudy
  • Chess kids
  • Projects

That's all and it feels wonderful. 




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