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February One Thing Wrap Up

I am a member of the Homeschool Alliance, which Julie from Bravewriter runs. One of the principles we were introduced to is the One Thing principle. Focus on one thing for a month. It can be something you want to improve on, something you want to add to your homeschool or life, anything- but just one thing.  This goes along with what Gretchen Rubin says in Better Than Before,  something along the lines of- You improve what you track. 


For February I wanted to have one thing to focus on in our homeschool. I asked Jack what subject he would do every day if possible, of course he chose science. I asked if he could do one science which one would it be, he chose physics. So we made physics our one thing for February.  I gathered a few books to have on hand. My favorite is Physics for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave- the activities are quick and easy and most of the supplies are things you have on hand around your house. 



We did a physics project every day that we did school during February.  This was usually 3 days per week. Yes we had a light schedule due to ski days, park days and other activities. 


We both enjoyed this month of physics. One thing that I have noticed is it got Jack back into experimenting and doing projects. He is now waking up with an experiment or project already on his mind.  We are planning to continue focusing on one thing per month and have already chosen Astronomy and Rocketry for March.  Okay that might be two things, but they go together well. 

Have you tried the One Thing principle? Want to share your experience in the comments? 







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