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Nature study this winter.

We have had a cold, wet winter in our area. It sometimes makes doing nature study outdoors difficult because we have little ones in our group.  We had to cancel a couple of nature days in December due to the cold and rain and I knew it was time to come up with an alternative plan for bad weather days. 

This past week, nature study fell on a cold day so we decided to go to our local wildlife museum for some nature journaling. 


Our local wildlife museum consists of hunting trophies from a local hunter so it is a interesting place to hang out. 




We walked through the whole museum, which takes about a half hour, listening to the audio provided.  While they walked the boys tried to decide on something to add to their nature journals. 


Jack decided to draw the leopards spots. They sat and did a quick sketch.  


Since this week it was just the three older boys, they asked if we could walk to the river nearby. The cold obviously wasn't an issue for them. 

They walked down to the river, skipped some stones and ran through some of the tunnels that were nearby.  We saw ducks and a few birds. 

I also took plenty of pictures for some future nature journaling at home. 


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