What we are reading January edition
February homeschool reset

Things that are saving me right now.

Playing along with Modern Mrs. Darcy

1- New beginnings. The start of a new month giving me a fresh slate is saving me right now. January was not that great. I didn't make a lot of progress on things because I was too busy trying to keep my head above water.


2-Coffee. Yummy, hot coffee. My two cups a day are perfection. 


3-Wool socks. This winter is kicking my behind on trying to keep warm. Wool socks are the only way I can get to sleep. 


4-Ski days. I was hoping to get back to a rhythm homeschooling in January and that didn't happen. Ski days are saving us. Ski days are providing a break, something to look forward too, and a new life passion. I also get about 6 hours of me time to work on reading, writing, homeschool teacher enrichment. 

5- Speaking of homeschool teacher enrichment, Julie Sweeney of Bravewriter fame on periscope, her retreat dvds, and her homeschool alliance. SAVING me right now. I am learning so much and I am finding my way back to us-schooling. 

6-Friends- Those good friends who empathize and help me through. Near or far.  


What's saving you?



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