Alexandra turned 17 this past week! 


She spent the day with friends, except for a bit of time hanging out at the pool with Jack and I.


Her interest in forensic anthropology should be well fed for a bit.


We are pretty sure she liked her gifts. She dug right in reading the textbook and putting her skeleton together.



We will celebrate our girl more this weekend, when the family is able to get together. 


This week we had the privilege of celebrating Talisa's 19th birthday.


We love this girl so much and are so proud of her!  It really is an amazing thing to watch your child on the journey into adulthood.  I still have a hard time believing that she is 19. Give me a year. ;)


weekending 6/02

This weekend was a big one because it was Zac's birthday!  Park day Friday with the homeschool group and we stayed way too late into the evening. Saturday we went to breakfast, the rest of the family went to one of our favorite swimming holes and I stayed behind to relax out of the heat and cook dinner.   Then on Sunday we went to our favorite swimming pool in the county and spent the day with some friends.  Busy, exhausting and good.


Last week I spent the week in full decluttering and cleaning mode. Luckily, I was able to get quite a bit done. This week it is time to get down to the business of summer.

Here is the short list for the week:

  • summer science camp starts- we signed Jack up for a month long science class. 
  • gym time- the science class gives me time to workout
  • library time- it also puts us right next to the library three days a week which means the summer reading program and reading down our fines.
  • pool time- it also puts us at the pool three times a week. Bonus.
  • fencing- still going strong. Also this week is the awards ceremony from the region and a little party.
  • lacrosse party- maybe, possibly and most likely here. 
  • Job interviews for Alex. Wish her luck!

I will also be replanting some pots out front, which means time at the nursery! I am also hoping to do some baking to fill the freezer this week. It's getting warm out and baking in midsummer here can be hot! I am still working on getting our supplies and plan ready for next year and will have a post about that soon.

Hope you all have a good week!


Where have we been?

We've been here. Yes, we have been busy.  We have been having fun. I haven't had the time, or made the time, for the blog.   So here I am a couple of weeks later trying to ease my way back into it.  Pictures do a good job of that, right? 

Water wars at park.

18th birthday party and silly string wars.  I didn't get near enough pictures for this.

Learning about Matisse.


The farm with friends.

The mountains with friends.



TEDed videos.

Creating art with nature.

Celebrating 8!



Birthday party.

Birthday cake.

Art class for me!

Which means lots of new jewelry.

It's been a very full two weeks!


scenes from the weekend

It was a big weekend. So big, I needed a day or three to recover.  It was all good though.  The biggest thing was my birthday!  I am one step closer to 40!  The other big thing was a potluck for the garden co-op, on my birthday at our house.  It just seemed to be the best day for it.  And to be honest, it was nice. A couple of years ago,  I decided that one year I wanted to do a kindness day for my birthday. This wasn't exactly what I first planned, but the end result was the same. I spread the kindness, joy, love...whatever you want to call it. It was the perfect way to spend my day--outside of myself.  It was good.

So here are some pics from last Friday on:


Jack won a Lego set.









This week:

  • still trying to find some  rhythm for our days.
  • getting used to a quiet house. With everyone working 5+ days a week the house is abnormally quiet for summer.
  • staying cool- which means break time is in the afternoon. Work time is in the morning and evenings- if we are still awake enough.
  • taking a week off from just about everything
  • getting my supplies together for planning the new school year.
  • working through an illustrator class- fun!!!
  • getting a stack of books together to read- excited about some of these.
  • art-creating lots of projects- going through lots of spray paint.
  • being patient with myself as I do some serious introspection.
  • enjoying the chocolate stash I have from my birthday.
  • making a to-do list in order to get back on track
  • thinking I need to create a workable household routine since everyone is so busy, which brings me to the question of having a household notebook or not. 
  • Thinking I need to get those baby presents mailed once and for all. 
  • Feeling thankful for it all.

What is on your list?

scenes from the weekend.













A big birthday/ a water fight/ foraging for berries/ time in the creek/ petroglyphs/first camp out in the backyard.

A good weekend for welcoming summer.  We have been very busy and I have missed this space.  I mentioned a big garden project in the works and last week it kind of grew wings and started taking flight. Zac and I are starting a co-op for our neighborhood. It started with gardening and kind of grew. We wanted a placed to trade veggies locally and help each other garden.  From there we decided to add in some workshops, classes, service projects and the like. We are trying to bring our immediate community closer together and provide learning and mentoring opportunities.   Word got around that I was planning it and well I couldn't put it off any longer. So this coming Saturday is our first meeting. I have no idea how many people will come and I really have no idea what I am doing.  But this week I will be making sign up sheets, printing calendars, cleaning my backyard, planting some seeds, cleaning my house and baking some goodies. I would appreciate any good thoughts you can send my way. This is a huge step out of my comfort zone.  

Also on the list for the week:

  • learning- still chipping away at the Spanish and math
  • the pool
  • laser tag- Jack has a certificate for a free game for his reading achievements that he would like to use.
  • date with Zac
  • the Avengers
  • learners permit for Alex
  • All the teens are working this week
  • a baseball game
  • organizing my mess of a desk
  • try not to start anymore projects this week
  • harvest some herbs
  • go back to the vegan diet after a decidedly non vegan birthday party
  • ACT test this weekend for Talisa.

What is on your list?



Today was  a special day.


Alex turned 15.  She only had a half day of school, so we spent the afternoon shopping

together. She is a fun one.

Opening gifts.


This evening it worked out so that the whole family was able to go out to eat together-- something that hasn't happened in a while due to work, practices, games, classes, etc.  Then it was back home for some homemade crepes- thanks to dad. 


Love this girl.


scenes from the weekend 10/09

The birthday version. For Jack's birthday we went to a nearby city to visit the aquarium at one of the hotels.  (sorry...trying to avoid search terms here).   The boy has been obsessed with ocean life for a while now and what better way to celebrate his birthday than doing something he loves.


Even better when there is a race car parked right in the lobby. Cars and sea life. Awesome!

Alex, Jack and a komodo dragon.  What we found really odd is how sweet and peaceful he looked. It looked like he was smiling.

Piranhas. We also saw some Arapiama, both of these are his favorites from the show River Monsters. He was so excited to see them in person.




Talisa and Jack at the touch tank. There were different rays and horseshoe crabs in there.







Jack, Talisa and the golden crocodile. Awesome since we just studied Thailand.



After the aquarium we: went to lunch, went to the pet store (didn't buy anything), went to the mall, then we went to a kids pizza place to play off some energy,  then it was time to head home.  It was a great day and declared the most awesome day ever by the birthday boy.  Today was spent in full-fledged recovery mode.  Oh and giving Jack his present which was two r/c cars. He LOVES them.

On the list for this week:

  • choir
  • yoga
  • corn maze and farm field trip
  • swimming, maybe.
  • Apple fest, hopefully. :)
  • a nature walk to look for leaves that have fallen
  • making cinnamon spice play dough
  • decorate for fall, yes still working on it.
  • finish painting master bath, yes still working on that too.
  • finish dining room picture frames and hang.
  • return jeans to target.
  • pumpkin snickerdoodles
  • r/c car time. :)
  • The older kids have two days off this week! Yay! 
  • hopefully start baking some goodies for Halloween now that I am getting some room in my freezer.

What's on your list?

scenes from the weekend 10/02

Well the scenes aren't all from this weekend since we were crazy busy with birthday events.  Talisa and I spent the day shopping on Saturday only to come home and host a house full of teens for the evening.  Today was spent in full recovery mode. :)







On the list this week:

  • another birthday!
  • choir
  • orthodontist
  • rugby parent meeting
  • finish touch up painting in master bath and paint cupboards.
  • terrarium, can't believe we haven't done this yet.
  • make a light table, have the supplies just need to make it happen. 
  • finish making monthly meal plan.  It's just one of those months and since I am doing it, I want to finish it.
  • fall decorating- still working on it.
  • park day
  • libary- kind of  loving the fact that choir is held at the library- no more excuses for not going or late books.
  • garage- hoping to spend some time out there this week.

What is on your list?



Yesterday was my 37th birthday. Time flies! I had a wonderful day filled with friends, family and fun.


I feel so blessed by all the wonderful friends and family in my life.


And yesterday I spent most of the day basking in thankfulness for them all. Something I need to do more often.


Because it is truly a miracle to find people who really get you.


And it's sometimes hard for me to show those people how much I truly care for them.



But I do. I really, truly do.


This last pic is a gift I bought for myself. It goes along with Soul Restoration 2. It has been quite a journey the past few weeks and when I read Melody's poem, I knew I had to have this bracelet.

Today is day one.



  • a blanket- finally picked up the crochet again. I will finish it this year!
  • necklaces- made from torn strips of material. Thank you pinterest.
  • dinner- artisan bread, lasagna, cookies...mmmm
  • space- the decluttering and yard sale prep was in full force today.
  • decisions- maybe a couple of days of down time were good.
  • lots of salads- fresh from the garden
  • key lime cheesecake- for the big birthday tomorrow.
  • birthday cards
  • time- to cuddle and watch movies

What are you making?