trying not to make excuses

I've been slacking on the blog. 


I've missed this space.  It seems every day when I sit down to blog I either have no pictures,  or can't find the words to express what I want to share.  Because there is a lot I want  to share here.  The good news is I want to share so much because life has been so full and it takes me a while to process. 


First up, we had our first garden club meeting. It went so well. Like it kind of blew our minds it went so well.  We set out with the intention to create a network of sustainability by sharing and helping each other through kindness.   We are working towards that by sharing knowledge, trading food and services and getting to know each other better.

I honestly thought it would be great if we could get 10 people here. Imagine our delight to have 17+ show up to our first meeting! We had some send their regrets saying they would join us next time, and some who could only stop by for a quick minute to say yes they wanted to participate.  I told them our basic plan and we sat and shared ideas and tips for two hours. 

We have lived here going on five years now and this is the first time some of our neighbors have seen our backyard, or said more than a quick hello to us.  We aren't part of the local religion and it can be very hard to feel like a part of the community when the religion is the main lifeline.  That is what we are trying to do, we are trying to build a community outside of religion.  I was happy that a couple of our other neighbors who also aren't part of the local church also made it to the meeting, but we are hoping for more.  We would really like to see all of our neighbors who don't go to the local church feel welcome and participate. I have the feeling they want to, but they have lived here longer and I have no idea what has happened in the past. All I can say is I hope we can help heal some of it and help people get together. 

My favorite thing was having so many of them tell them they had been praying/hoping/wanting something like this for so long.  All it took was one person going out of their comfort zone for a few minutes, instead of making excuses, to bring it to life.  It's made me start looking around to see what else we can do and see what other excuses I have been making.


Saturday, after our meeting I found these abundance flags at a local store.  They seemed very fitting for what I was feeling.


We are now working on the next step and planning a potluck dinner for everyone. We are encouraging people to bring something they grew, or something homemade and hopefully the recipe to go along with it. We don't want this to lose momentum before it has a chance to get off the ground. 

Since Saturday I have been filled with an abundance of peace and also a sense of restlessness. I suppose I am just trying to explore those and figure out where I am suppose to go from here.


scenes from the weekend.













A big birthday/ a water fight/ foraging for berries/ time in the creek/ petroglyphs/first camp out in the backyard.

A good weekend for welcoming summer.  We have been very busy and I have missed this space.  I mentioned a big garden project in the works and last week it kind of grew wings and started taking flight. Zac and I are starting a co-op for our neighborhood. It started with gardening and kind of grew. We wanted a placed to trade veggies locally and help each other garden.  From there we decided to add in some workshops, classes, service projects and the like. We are trying to bring our immediate community closer together and provide learning and mentoring opportunities.   Word got around that I was planning it and well I couldn't put it off any longer. So this coming Saturday is our first meeting. I have no idea how many people will come and I really have no idea what I am doing.  But this week I will be making sign up sheets, printing calendars, cleaning my backyard, planting some seeds, cleaning my house and baking some goodies. I would appreciate any good thoughts you can send my way. This is a huge step out of my comfort zone.  

Also on the list for the week:

  • learning- still chipping away at the Spanish and math
  • the pool
  • laser tag- Jack has a certificate for a free game for his reading achievements that he would like to use.
  • date with Zac
  • the Avengers
  • learners permit for Alex
  • All the teens are working this week
  • a baseball game
  • organizing my mess of a desk
  • try not to start anymore projects this week
  • harvest some herbs
  • go back to the vegan diet after a decidedly non vegan birthday party
  • ACT test this weekend for Talisa.

What is on your list?


the garden

We've been on some marathon garden kicks here. I think we are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is, if I stop finding things we just need to plant. Today I took a moment to enjoy while I did the watering.


The milk weed is starting to bloom. We started with one little seed and now we have quite a patch going. Love this. I hope it attracts some butterflies this year.


The roses are in full bloom right now. I have a love hate relationship with these roses. They are so beautiful when they are in bloom, but it only lasts a week or two. 

Today we made a quick trip to the nursery. I was looking for a valerian plant. I had one last year and think it might have seeded, but if it didn't I wanted another. I couldn't find it but I did pick up a pineapple sage, another comfrey, and some seeds.  The most exciting find was the quinoa seeds. Can you imagine? So excited to see if it will grow here.

I also have another big project involving gardens in the works. It started with a conversation with one of the neighbors at the wild edible class. I'm hoping I can make it come to fruition.



being crafty


This week I finally made some time to get crafty. I had some  lessons from the last Soul Restoration class that needed to be finished up.  It came time in this current class where I decided I couldn't procrastinate any longer and pulled out the mod podge. :) I was able to finish up that lesson and get a good start on the projects for this class.  It felt really good to have my creative juices flowing again.








New Moleskines ready for the new year.

And I have finally chosen my word for the year. It was quite an interesting process this year compared to last. I thought I had my word chosen, achieve. I sta down and began to journal about it and within two sentences it was looking like success would be a better word. As I continued to journal a different word started making itself known. So much so that I believe  it popped up around 25 times throughout the two pages. Hmmmm... I think someone is trying to tell me something. So my word for this year is:


I realized as I wrote that both the success and achievement I am looking for would happen if I was just more consistent in my actions or choices.  It really is at the heart of a lot of things I want to work on. 

Something to help along the way:

  • I am doing project 365. One picture per day for a year.  Look here for my flickr .

I also have a different word that I will also be focusing on through the year. REACH. I think I've told you before about the book I read that encouraged you to stretch, reach, or die. Basically it's doing things that are hard or out of your comfort zone. I've done a few stretches this year and enjoyed them. It has helped me grow.  So this year I want to do more REACHing. I want to be out of my comfort zone a little more.

I am looking forward to a year of consistency and REACHing towards the new me. How about you? Do you have a word for the year? What do you want to invite into your life?


November 17 2010


Today I finished the hat! Woohoo! Now a certain little someone has a matching set. I think he wants more.


I also got my new camera lens today! So happy!  These were some of my first shots with it, so excuse any fuziness. :) But I was able to get a pic of the hubby smiling, can't pass that up.


And then things started to get a little silly after a few pics.


Today my mind has been swirling with thoughts of random acts of kindness, teachers all around us, passions, dreams, and everything coming together. 

In my head and heart today:

"...you are not alone in this. There are partners everywhere, partners who are waiting and willing to help you, if you would only let them. They are right in front of you, you just haven't noticed them yet." ~  Katrina Kenison, The Gift of An Ordinary Day.


November 3 2010

September 30 2010 065

So today was interesting. I won't go into much detail here.  Let's just say someone was condescending about  my childs choice of career--it doesn't pay enough, the reason it's so in demand is because it's hard and no one wants to do it.  They tried to talk her into other options and then scoffed at the final plan.  My child stood strong in what she wanted. I kept trying to bite my tongue and guide the conversation back to where it belonged and should have been headed.  A big part of me wanted to tell the person where they could put their opinion. :)  After we left I had a rant in the car, probably not my finest moment. Then I remembered the TED that Sir Ken Robinson gave last Feb. He talked about a fire fighter who always knew he wanted to be a fire fighter despite one teacher telling him he needed to be more, do more. The fire fighter went on to save that teachers life.  So the kids and I talked, we watched the talk when we got home, and talked some more. We talked about how you should follow your dreams even though there will always be people telling you otherwise.  Hopefully I turned it into a learning situation and hopefully they took something away from it more than my rant.  And hopefully we won't need to have another meeting with that person again. It's not about money or going to a four year college. It's about passion and dreams.  I really wish people had enough respect for that.


"...But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. "  ~Yeats

 Gives me chills every single time.

March 9 2010

March 9 2010 007

Meet my owl friends, Fred and Ginger.

Today was the end of a very long  few months. I went in for my test results and they came back okay. Not perfect, but very good and hopeful. I get to go in every 6 months for the next two years. Fair enough. Now we can move on, now I can move on.

I had a hard time getting anything done this past month. I was unsure of what life might look like in a few months. It was really hard. I  felt on hold, paused as Jack would say. It really was not fun. You know me, I like to plan. During this time though I noticed a change in how I was thinking though. Mainly I wanted to stop wasting time--like the nose. So I have some plans, good plans- fun plans. Some of them I can't talk about yet, but soon. 

In my favorite song, Dream by Priscella Ahn, there is a line that says,

I don't know what's left to say about this life I'm willing to leave.

I lived it full and I lived it well, there's many tales I've lived to tell.

I'm ready now, I'm ready now, I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing.

I had a dream

I love that line. I lived it full and I lived it well. I want that to be something that I can honestly say one day.

Along with that idea, I was very happy to receive this in the mail today:

Writing Motherhood

I've heard so many good things about this and can't wait to get started.