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December 1 2013...

...or the day I try to get back in the blogging spirit. Because December should be easy to blog about, right? Fun, exciting and special! Maybe I will even pick up my real camera one day. 

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was nice and relaxing. We changed things up this year and didn't cook a turkey. My hubby brought up the valid point that it wasn't a real favorite of anyone here. We cooked ribs instead. Still did the potatoes, rolls, cheese ball and all the other favorites. It turned out great. My oldest son made it for dinner and my father in law.  Here are some pics from the long weekend:


The hubby.


Love these star ornaments we found at Target.


Our little tree hugger.


Steve playing Perplexus, a new favorite around here.


There is always someone playing music around here.




We still have one rose.


I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be auburn. It's more of a rockin' reddish-purple.  Everyone loves it, except me. I need to get used to it I suppose.


I'm also working on custom orders for the shop. This is a key chain in progress. I am making 3 with the same saying for an adoptive mother and her two birth mothers.  They are all amazing.

Here is a link to the shop:
Abundant Soul

Use the coupon code grateful13 for 20% through Tuesday December 3.


Happy December 1st!