Things that made me happy this past weekend.


A mass of wool roving found at an estate sale for dirt cheap. Lots of projects in store. I have aleady started a few, including making my own sheet felt. 


Happy mail.  I had to be careful opening this so I caould save that tissue paper for more projects.  Also came with stickers and cards. Can't wait to use these!


And inside the tissue... a very lovely book.


things I am loving this week


Library visits with Jack.

What are you loving this week?

love week


Valentine's day is almost here. My daughter was telling me that at her school this week it is love week. There are different themes for different days like tomorrow is-buy a sophomore lunch day, Thursday is make a new friend day.  I love it.

In honor of love week here are my links that I love:

Hope you all have a happy love week.


Some linky love


Agh! Monday strikes again.

Some links I am loving lately:


March 12 2010

July24-Aug6 2009 091

Things I am looking forward to doing once the rainy season stops:

  • laying on the hammock under the trees in the afternoon while listening to the birds
  • picnics- I want to start eating at least one meal a day outside
  • tilling the garden and finally getting it planted
  • planting the annual marigold. :)
  • park days lasting longer.
  • hiking, lots of hiking
  • watching the hummingbird build its nest.
  • longer days and perfect temps