it's a monster

I'm knee deep in trying to plan for next year and trying to get myself organized. I wanted to give you a homeschool post, but it wasn't finished yet.  I am getting the cold that is making the rounds. I don't do well with head colds. It's not even that bad and I am already foggy and sensitive. Oh so fun.  Here is what I have finished:


That's probably what some people think I look like this week.  Which is fine. I think he is cute. I do wish he was a little bigger, so I may have to adjust the pattern.   In the process of making I had ten people ask me what I was making. When I told them I was making a monster, every single one asked why.  And every time I answered, because I want to. 




felt suns

Happy solstice! We celebrated by going to a neighborhood potluck/ice cream making contest. It was fun and HOT!  I wanted to do a felt project this week and worked off of this pendant that I ran across on pinterest. 



I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. They seem a little big for pendants. Any ideas?  They are about 2  1/2 inches.  It does give me ideas for Christmas ornaments. 

my new space

This project has been in the making for a few months now and it is finally done!  After years of having to do dinner time while accommodating my projects laying all around, I finally have my own space.

There is still some final tweaking to be done, but it is useable!  Talk about fitting a lot in a very small space. The two brown boxes on the floor to the left hold craft supplies- top one wood craft and the bottom holds felt in yards.  The basket in the center holds my bag that I take projects out and about in.  The right brown box holds felting supplies.

From the left: old floss drawer that I found thrifting- perfect for my stitching supplies, my vintage typewriter, the pile of papers needs to be dealt with, and Jack cut the hearts out of felt.


On the top shelf is a pencil sharpener which is hidden behind a jar of felt beads, a big jar of buttons, jars holding- rubber bands, wooden thumb tacks, and mini wooden clothespins(for the shutter memo board in the top picture),  our terrarium, a metal bucket holding pens, scissors, markers and paint brushes.

The middle shelf- binder holding all of my class printouts thus far, embroidery patterns, felt patterns, and one full of homeschool ideas. Side note- I just realized they were all thrown on there after I had finished them yesterday.

Bottom shelf: card catalog of lesson plan ideas for homeschool., extra moleskine notebooks, blank canvases, and a big sketchbook, three hole punch, beeswax polish and my post it note supply. :)

In the far corner lies the photography supplies. The green crate houses our homeschool stuff in use. The roll of white paper on top is for an upcoming school project. You can see my planning notebooks in front. And the stack of papers in the middle are my home cleaning/organization ideas and planner. 

Time to create!


Yay the computer is back!


Candle holder covered in mod podge and sprinkled with glitter.

first attempt at a pocket gnome. He still needs a hat.


a felt bunting garland for the tree.


repurposing the now to small desk for a lego table.

wood ornaments with beeswax polish.


homemade snow globes.

kindle cover. The ribbon comes aorund the front and ties, but I didn't want to cover the mushroom. :)



scenes from the weekend 11/06



Not very interesting pictures I know. The after-party-cup-stacking monster is back. Stacking all over the place all day long.  And computers. Sigh.  We worked on computers most of the weekend. Nothing really wrong just trying to make them all better.  Other than that-  some serious shopping time with the girls, a date with the hubby, a walk to find the owners of a found balloon,  cleaning, grocery shopping and meal planning,  family time, cold weather, wool coats, soup for dinner, and all that jazz.

Up this week:

  • choir
  • pe
  • Watching Les Mis at the high school
  • more felting fun
  • gnomes and more nature table goodness
  • washing all the jackets and sweaters- should have done this earlier
  • washing all the bedding
  • putting away the summer clothes for good.
  • car repairs
  • rubgy, lacrosse and all that stuff.
  • Tux fittings for the oldest boy.  Guess I need to look into getting a corsage too.
  • maybe a dance class for Jack- still weighing the pros and cons of that one.
  • re-purpose Jack's little table for a lego table.
  • Plan the Thanksgiving menu

What's on your list?