I like life

Tonight the kids and I went to see our favorite version of Scrooge on the big screen. Our favorite version being the 1970 Scrooge starring Albert Finney. Loved it!  But alas no pics from a dark movie theater. So instead I am sharing this quote:

Ghost of Christmas Present to Scrooge:

There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. The thing is to try and do as much as you can in the time that you have.


Yes. That about sums it up and it is something I so needed  to hear this week. 


going nowhere


Tonight I attended a screening for Race to Nowhere. A friend in our homeschool group set it up and I am all over anything trying to make positive change in our education system. It was interesting.  I think people should see it and think long and hard about it. The main focus was the stress that the school system is creating in our children.  But that was all. I really didn't get much more from it.  We can all see, I hope, that our education system is in need of a complete overhaul.  Beyond the stress on kids, lack of funding, and everything else it just is not working any longer. I thought Waiting For Superman was better at addresing the whole system probelms we face, but it still feels like everyone is circling around the problem.  I think it is very sad that we are  giving our children a broken education, not teaching them how to truly learn and live.  I think as a nation we ought to be ashamed.  I think it's sad that people will send their kids to school to be stressed out, bullied and shamed and say there are no other options. A lady in the audience tonight was in tears saying she wanted so badly to pull her son out of school for a year, but that the thought was so "against the grain" she couldn't. Really. People need to stand up for themselves and their kids.  My children know at all times that going to school isn't the only option. I've often told them to quit and homeschool again or just take the GED.  School isn't the end all be all that everyone thinks it is and until people accept that I don't think much will change. Success isn't based on your schooling. It is based on your passion and drive.

There is my little soapbox speech for the night.  :)


March 2 2010

March 2 2010 007

Our Seuss birthday cake! It's based on One Fish Two Fish. The outer edge hosts Swedish fish and blue fruit chew fish, above that we have fruit chew numbers 1 and 2, and then Swedish fish int he middle with our candle. We read Happy Birthday to You, while the cake baked. Jack asked if Dr Seuss was coming to the party. Way cute. We sang Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss. After cake we read more books. For dinner tonight we made:

March 2 2010 009 

Sneetch stars out of Jello.

March 2 2010 015

And we finally got our science projects for next Tuesday under way!

Tonight we also watched Ponyo. Our family loves Miyasaki movies! All of them! Well the raccoon one was kind of weird. So happy to add this to the collection.