things that are working


The game, Sci-ology is working for us right now.  I can't even count how many times we have played this over the past few days. It is perfect for my science loving son. It's like Go Fish so it was easy for him to learn how to play. I love that he is learning things like what a conchologist studies, or how to say physiology. Truthfully though I love to her his attempts at saying physiology, so darn cute. I have even been learning, as in I didn't know what a conchologist was either.


And I love how geeked out he is in this pic with his pen in his shirt pocket along with some notes.

May 1 2010

May 1 2010 005

Today was Steven's first game back since the whole hip thing happened and also his first game with his new team.

May 1 2010 038
He was able to play most of the game and did very well. He also came home exhausted. It's been a while since he worked out like that. And no injuries for Steven that is. Jack took a tumble down the stadium stairs and ended up with a fat lip and chipped tooth. Yikes.

May 1 2010 045
While out watering, we noticed something strange about the almond tree.

May 1 2010 051 

The bees are moving through and resting there.

May 1 2010 043
Yesterday the peacock was visiting. I guess he's not gone yet.

May 1 2010 055