December 1 2013...

...or the day I try to get back in the blogging spirit. Because December should be easy to blog about, right? Fun, exciting and special! Maybe I will even pick up my real camera one day. 

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Ours was nice and relaxing. We changed things up this year and didn't cook a turkey. My hubby brought up the valid point that it wasn't a real favorite of anyone here. We cooked ribs instead. Still did the potatoes, rolls, cheese ball and all the other favorites. It turned out great. My oldest son made it for dinner and my father in law.  Here are some pics from the long weekend:


The hubby.


Love these star ornaments we found at Target.


Our little tree hugger.


Steve playing Perplexus, a new favorite around here.


There is always someone playing music around here.




We still have one rose.


I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be auburn. It's more of a rockin' reddish-purple.  Everyone loves it, except me. I need to get used to it I suppose.


I'm also working on custom orders for the shop. This is a key chain in progress. I am making 3 with the same saying for an adoptive mother and her two birth mothers.  They are all amazing.

Here is a link to the shop:
Abundant Soul

Use the coupon code grateful13 for 20% through Tuesday December 3.


Happy December 1st!


December 18






Not much to say in these parts. We have been soaking up family time the past few days. Thankful for what we have and who we share our lives with.  I have been taking advantage of the fact that Jack said I could take as many pictures of him as I want.  Favorite memories over the past few days:

  • Jack and his huge piece of peppermint chocolate cake.
  • a mother-son date including a movie, dinner and Christmas shopping
  • making cookies with the family. We have a lot of zombie and ninja themed gingerbread men.
  • spending the morning reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas carols next to the tree.
  • going for a walk by the river to look for rocks. Coming back with 5lbs of them because every single rock was amazing.
  • watching Jack fall in love with a sport and be excited about it. Fencing is his life.
  • Jack waking up every day asking if it has snowed. Tonight it finally started to snow, I went in to tell him and he was already asleep. Hopefully it will be there in the morning.
  • I have declared the whole week a Christmas week. 


November 3 2012

March 2012

No new pictures for today, but this one makes me smile.   And I am really not sure what to write. I could write about our meeting with the social worker at the hospital. Or about trying to figure out where to fit an extra person in our house. Or trying to help the kids understand their role in all of this.

Or I could write about what I am thankful for.

  • my hubby
  • my kids
  • that I have a house to try and fit another person into.
  • That we have the ability to buy a bed.  The saddest thing today was the social worker telling us that we wouldn't believe how many patients she finds beds for because at home they sleep on the floor. The floor.  Most of these are older people. The floor.
  • That despite all the overwhelming things, we are healthy and have each other.


scenes from the weekend

It was a big weekend. So big, I needed a day or three to recover.  It was all good though.  The biggest thing was my birthday!  I am one step closer to 40!  The other big thing was a potluck for the garden co-op, on my birthday at our house.  It just seemed to be the best day for it.  And to be honest, it was nice. A couple of years ago,  I decided that one year I wanted to do a kindness day for my birthday. This wasn't exactly what I first planned, but the end result was the same. I spread the kindness, joy, love...whatever you want to call it. It was the perfect way to spend my day--outside of myself.  It was good.

So here are some pics from last Friday on:


Jack won a Lego set.









This week:

  • still trying to find some  rhythm for our days.
  • getting used to a quiet house. With everyone working 5+ days a week the house is abnormally quiet for summer.
  • staying cool- which means break time is in the afternoon. Work time is in the morning and evenings- if we are still awake enough.
  • taking a week off from just about everything
  • getting my supplies together for planning the new school year.
  • working through an illustrator class- fun!!!
  • getting a stack of books together to read- excited about some of these.
  • art-creating lots of projects- going through lots of spray paint.
  • being patient with myself as I do some serious introspection.
  • enjoying the chocolate stash I have from my birthday.
  • making a to-do list in order to get back on track
  • thinking I need to create a workable household routine since everyone is so busy, which brings me to the question of having a household notebook or not. 
  • Thinking I need to get those baby presents mailed once and for all. 
  • Feeling thankful for it all.

What is on your list?

trying not to make excuses

I've been slacking on the blog. 


I've missed this space.  It seems every day when I sit down to blog I either have no pictures,  or can't find the words to express what I want to share.  Because there is a lot I want  to share here.  The good news is I want to share so much because life has been so full and it takes me a while to process. 


First up, we had our first garden club meeting. It went so well. Like it kind of blew our minds it went so well.  We set out with the intention to create a network of sustainability by sharing and helping each other through kindness.   We are working towards that by sharing knowledge, trading food and services and getting to know each other better.

I honestly thought it would be great if we could get 10 people here. Imagine our delight to have 17+ show up to our first meeting! We had some send their regrets saying they would join us next time, and some who could only stop by for a quick minute to say yes they wanted to participate.  I told them our basic plan and we sat and shared ideas and tips for two hours. 

We have lived here going on five years now and this is the first time some of our neighbors have seen our backyard, or said more than a quick hello to us.  We aren't part of the local religion and it can be very hard to feel like a part of the community when the religion is the main lifeline.  That is what we are trying to do, we are trying to build a community outside of religion.  I was happy that a couple of our other neighbors who also aren't part of the local church also made it to the meeting, but we are hoping for more.  We would really like to see all of our neighbors who don't go to the local church feel welcome and participate. I have the feeling they want to, but they have lived here longer and I have no idea what has happened in the past. All I can say is I hope we can help heal some of it and help people get together. 

My favorite thing was having so many of them tell them they had been praying/hoping/wanting something like this for so long.  All it took was one person going out of their comfort zone for a few minutes, instead of making excuses, to bring it to life.  It's made me start looking around to see what else we can do and see what other excuses I have been making.


Saturday, after our meeting I found these abundance flags at a local store.  They seemed very fitting for what I was feeling.


We are now working on the next step and planning a potluck dinner for everyone. We are encouraging people to bring something they grew, or something homemade and hopefully the recipe to go along with it. We don't want this to lose momentum before it has a chance to get off the ground. 

Since Saturday I have been filled with an abundance of peace and also a sense of restlessness. I suppose I am just trying to explore those and figure out where I am suppose to go from here.


making a plan

Today I spent some time trying to make a plan and set some intentions for the year.  I didn't get far, three kids trying to fit as much as they possibly could in on the last day of Christmas break made sure of that.  Hopefully I will be ready to share my thoughts tomorrow.  I still just can't believe how fast this past year has gone. 

Today I received semi good news from my doc, as in I will probably not have to go back for a year. We still need to see the test results, but to me those were sweet words.

For now though, my new moleskine and I have a date. 

scenes from Christmas 12/26

So busy. So much fun. And so much to be thankful for.


Friday we rang the bell for  the Salvation Army.  This was such a neat experience. It is on the list already for next year. 



Jack taking a break for bell-ringing, singing and dancing.


The big kids got a big suprise on Christmas Eve. I love the pics of their faces.


It's not often we can pull a big surprise on them.


Jack decorated some gingerbread men for Santa.



Christmas morning.

IMG_5246 IMG_5265


We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. :)

December 1st 2010


Today's pics were all about gratitude. So in keeping with that I am thankful for:

  • being able to get a good nights sleep last night, with the roosters boxed up.
  • Zac tag teaming the carpooling situation today so I could spend some time at the Dicken's festival and not be rushed this afternoon.
  • peppermint tea (above).
  • the Christmas decorating being done. We scaled back this year, no one was really into the decorating except Jack. So he did the tree, I put up the stocking holders and a few table decorations and the rest went back out to the garage.
  • Night time pediatrics and benadryl. Steven had a really weird allergy thing happen tonight. No one is quite sure what exactly happened. All from a few bites of spinach lasagna. :(
  • Answers.  Jack's tooth is loose! He was being whiny while we were out today and I reached into his mouth and started to check teeth, sure enough one of the front one is getting pretty loose.



Jack made the candle today at the Dicken's festival. It was apparently one of the most exciting things that has happened to him in quite a while. While he was at drawing class today I had to run into Michaels so I picked up a candle holder for him to paint. As soon as we got home he went to work on it and by the time dinner came around it was ready to go.  Good thing I ordered beeswax yesterday! I see a lot of these in our future.