Scenes from the weekend.


A whole lot of yard work happening right now. 1/2 acre + sunflowers dying+multiple group activities happening at teh house this month+ a hot summer= lots of burning.


Harvesting from the garden. Peppers, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, birdhouse gourds, watermelon, cantaloupe, hot peppers.

A hike with my boys. We found some fall!





And on the same rock about five  years ago...




fall is in the air

I've been trying to get a little decorating done. I wish I had a mantle to decorate.  I had to improvise a little.


Ignore the guitars and the empty picture frame.  I have an idea for that frame, just need to make it happen.


Last weekend, Alex and I ventured in to an antique store for the first time.

It was a mess. Lots of great stuff, but so full you couldn't even get to everything. Made me feel sad for all the books they had. I did pick up a few Garfield books for the boy. I also found this:

Minus the gnomes and such. I put a fresh coat of paint on it-- I had to it was painted three different colors.



I am still tweaking it a bit and trying to find the perfect little things to put in it.


a day in instagram


Zac is doing a huge woodworking project for our house. I was up early and helping him paint in my pjs.


Eventually Jack joined us for some target practice.

Back inside for reading and breakfast.


My neighbor brought over some garden goodies. Dinner went from blueberry mango quinoa to a pinto bean, garlic, onion, pepper and tomato quinoa burrito. It was yummy.


One piggy went to a new home.


A chore system for Jack. The cards are from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We are not using the whole system, just the cards.  I put them in this badge holder for him to wear during chore time to hopefully keep him on track.  The cards from her system just happened to have the chores I needed on them so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. 

A felt plushie in progress.  This shop has so many cute patterns.  Time to get my project on with some sewing.

What's not pictured:

  • the workout
  • the mom binder that I finished printing out
  • the garden co-op work done
  • the laundry
  • the book decluttering
  • the chatting with kids
  • hugging the hubby
  • making his coffee
  • the phone calls- almost caught up
  • cleaning out the fridge
  • other housework


scenes from the weekend


My sweetie pie.


Two more of my sweeties.

This weekend consisted of:

  • not enough sleep- getting there though
  • first time going to yard sales in a loooooooong time. Thrilled to start picking up clothes for Jack since he is growing.
  • projects, lots of projects. The hubby is working on a big one. I am working on multiple small ones.
  • coffee...lots of coffee. Love it when hubby brings me coffee in the morning and then decides not to wake me since I am still sleeping so well.
  • decluttering- like I said before it's time to hit the planning big time, which means decluttering and rearranging.

On the list for this week:

  • Lego robotic class
  • Renaissance festival, hopefully
  • finished projects, hopefully
  • curriculum arriving, hopefully
  • sleep, hopefully
  • maybe a visit to our favorite pool...hopefully.
  • finishing up a chore system for Jack
  • getting a home management binder together. I have tried this before and it didn't work well. So I am trying to tweak it so it hopefully works this time. I have too many moleskines going right now and need to consolidate. 
  • garden co-op work- emails, update group page with recipes, plan next project.

What's on your list?


being crafty

I am knee deep in preparations for the big garden potluck at our house this weekend.  Since it's something big of course, my procrastination has shown up in the form of all the projects I must have done before I have people over. Ironically enough, painting the boys room hasn't made the list.  Here are a few projects:


I collected seeds and made these cute little packets for them. 


This is a banner made out of strips of fabric. It looks like a kite tail...I hope.



The last two are jar lanterns that I made. I think we will use them as hanging flower vases.

Tomorrow I start cooking, make a run for paper products, and try to get the house in order. The good news is we have a kitchen faucet again! 

lamp redo

I bought this lamp a few years back for around $5 at the thrift store.


After I had finished painting the room, I noticed that the shade color was too close to the wall color and it just felt kind of off for me.  I had also just painted my bedside shelf an awesome turquoise color. It seemed like the next logical step was to pump up the shade. I turned around and saw the bag I sewed up  a few years back and thought it would be perfect.



So after some deconstructing and a lot of fabric glue, this is the end result.


I love it! And it's going to get more use than that bag did!

spring is coming.


Today we made the first of many visits to the garden center.  We are hoping to start planting tomorrow.


We have two bedrooms painted, one left to go. I'm not sure when we'll do that. We are fighting some serious project burnout. It's all looking much better, but we also want to enjoy some of the break.

See the paint on her right ear? She just couldn't stay out of it. Sweetie is missing us all. Every time someone sits down she jumps in their lap ready for some love.

my new space

This project has been in the making for a few months now and it is finally done!  After years of having to do dinner time while accommodating my projects laying all around, I finally have my own space.

There is still some final tweaking to be done, but it is useable!  Talk about fitting a lot in a very small space. The two brown boxes on the floor to the left hold craft supplies- top one wood craft and the bottom holds felt in yards.  The basket in the center holds my bag that I take projects out and about in.  The right brown box holds felting supplies.

From the left: old floss drawer that I found thrifting- perfect for my stitching supplies, my vintage typewriter, the pile of papers needs to be dealt with, and Jack cut the hearts out of felt.


On the top shelf is a pencil sharpener which is hidden behind a jar of felt beads, a big jar of buttons, jars holding- rubber bands, wooden thumb tacks, and mini wooden clothespins(for the shutter memo board in the top picture),  our terrarium, a metal bucket holding pens, scissors, markers and paint brushes.

The middle shelf- binder holding all of my class printouts thus far, embroidery patterns, felt patterns, and one full of homeschool ideas. Side note- I just realized they were all thrown on there after I had finished them yesterday.

Bottom shelf: card catalog of lesson plan ideas for homeschool., extra moleskine notebooks, blank canvases, and a big sketchbook, three hole punch, beeswax polish and my post it note supply. :)

In the far corner lies the photography supplies. The green crate houses our homeschool stuff in use. The roll of white paper on top is for an upcoming school project. You can see my planning notebooks in front. And the stack of papers in the middle are my home cleaning/organization ideas and planner. 

Time to create!


Yay the computer is back!


Candle holder covered in mod podge and sprinkled with glitter.

first attempt at a pocket gnome. He still needs a hat.


a felt bunting garland for the tree.


repurposing the now to small desk for a lego table.

wood ornaments with beeswax polish.


homemade snow globes.

kindle cover. The ribbon comes aorund the front and ties, but I didn't want to cover the mushroom. :)





  • enjoying the Christmas tree and Christmas music all the time now.
  • enjoying the plan for homeschool this month. Everything sort of just fell into place for our studies this month. We have some fun  things planned.
  • enjoying Jack's first guitar lesson.
  • enjoying the new carpet in the living room. Every time Jack goes in there he lays on the floor arms out wide saying how much he loves the new carpet.
  • enjoying the last of the leftovers-- thank goodness. :)
  • enjoying the leaves falling all around.
  • enjoying peppermint mocha a couple of times a week.
  • enjoying all the down time we can manage.
  • enjoying the new classes and new talent emerging.

What are you enjoying?

scenes from the weekend 11/06



Not very interesting pictures I know. The after-party-cup-stacking monster is back. Stacking all over the place all day long.  And computers. Sigh.  We worked on computers most of the weekend. Nothing really wrong just trying to make them all better.  Other than that-  some serious shopping time with the girls, a date with the hubby, a walk to find the owners of a found balloon,  cleaning, grocery shopping and meal planning,  family time, cold weather, wool coats, soup for dinner, and all that jazz.

Up this week:

  • choir
  • pe
  • Watching Les Mis at the high school
  • more felting fun
  • gnomes and more nature table goodness
  • washing all the jackets and sweaters- should have done this earlier
  • washing all the bedding
  • putting away the summer clothes for good.
  • car repairs
  • rubgy, lacrosse and all that stuff.
  • Tux fittings for the oldest boy.  Guess I need to look into getting a corsage too.
  • maybe a dance class for Jack- still weighing the pros and cons of that one.
  • re-purpose Jack's little table for a lego table.
  • Plan the Thanksgiving menu

What's on your list?

lamp project

Last week the hubby and I were thrifting and found a pair of lamps for $15. 


It's hard to tel, but the bottom part is red, cracked glass with a black iron surround.  We knew the pair had good bones.

After finding a pair of shades and a little rewiring we were left with:


Much better.  :)  They now reside in the living room.  So now I am rearranging all the lamps in the house so that I can keep my favorite ones. Which also started the furniture moving project.  


scenes from the weekend 10/23



We had a busy, fun weekend with the high school dance, family time and visiting with family and friends from out of state. Needless to say we're all beat.

On the list for this week:

  • I'm bagging our usual crazy Monday after our long day today.  Mondays are usually our hectic days and I am trying to take the advice from Simplicity Parenting and pad our busy day with a down day.  I think both Jack and I need it.
  • Fiddler on the Roof on Wednesday. 
  • Felting class. I signed up for the felting class through Big Picture Scrapbooking. I"m really looking forward to this.
  • Lacrosse- for all the big kids. Tis the season.
  • Rubgy- even typing it I'm wondering how we'll do it all.
  • park day
  • Deep clean-- Geez,  this busy weekend took a toll on the house.  Time to get it back in shape. I need to finish up the Halloween decorating or at elast get the boxes out of my living room. :)   I also have some great thrifting finds fromt his weekend that need to be put in place.
  • Bake-- yeah haven't had time to start doing the baking for the party yet, I'm hoping with a couple of planned easy days I can tackle that.
  • and that's all I have on my list so far!

What is on your list?

Another project


The new cork board.  When we were redecorating after the painting spree, I didn't want to hang the old ugly cork board back up.  Zac suggested cutting it down and putting in this barn wood frame that I had picked up at a yard sale.  I ran over to the fabric store and picked up a piece out of the remnant pile that would match our current colors and ta-da!  Ignore the crooked pictures on the side, I just barely got those painted and inside. I still need our resident straightener to fix them all. :)

I like the cork board better at this size too. It's big enough but also small enough that we will have to keep on top of what is on it.


On a happy note, there wasn't a bit of whining today. I'm hoping that trend continues.


the shutter


 I found this shutter at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore centere a couple of weeks ago.  I love that place!   I wanted to ditch our cork board and use this instead, but my hubby wanted to keep his cork board.  So we compromised and revamped the corkboard, which I will share next and put this up above my desk for me to use as an inspiration board. See the little owl ornament on top? 

scenes from the weekend 9/25


Experimenting with forensic science.

This last week I spent the majority of the time with a paintbrush in my hand.  Luckily we hit a stopping point for now. The living areas are done. The rest can wait a few weeks.  The past two days we have spent finishing up some of the little projects that came up during the painting process and just cleaning up.  It feels god to be on this end of it.  I'm not sure it was a good idea, but it does look brighter, cleaner, and just plain better. Tonight I had to make amends with Jack for a really boring week and do some forensic science with him. The invisible ink was a big hit.

On the list for this week:

  • choir
  • yoga
  • science at the park
  •  our weekly science class- hopefully
  •  guitar strings--need to get this done!
  • finish the terrarium for our water cycle study
  • finish up our study on Thailand
  • Talisa's 17th birthday!! Oh my, can't believe my baby is turning 17.
  • Dinner out for the birthday girl
  • A gaggle of teens coming over to celebrate said birthday, which means homemade pizza.
  • schedule an ortho appoinment and a doctor appointment.
  • birthday shopping.
  • sleep.
  • plant winter veggies
  • decorate for fall.
  • start a project, now that my table is uncovered. 
  • take more pics!

What's on your list?


I am running on fumes. Seriously. I haven't slept since Saturday night.   So in an effort to wear myself out even more I painted today!


I tackled the paneling in the living room. I've always hated that paneling.  We've been trying our best to cover it up with art or whatever.  Now it's livable. We actually kind of like it. Ignore the messy table in front of it,  the house is in dire need of a straightening and decluttering. We literally moved the table back into place just a bit before taking the picture.

To give you an idea of how bad the paneling was:


New color meets old color. Ugh.   So much better now.  I can't wait to tackle the paneling in the bedrooms.  However,  I really need to focus on getting the kitchen and dining room back together and finishing the living room.  The state of chaos is maddening.  

In the true spirit of a big project now other little projects are popping up that need to be finished first.  For example: spray painting all the frames that were up on the dining wall,  I picked up a great shutter to use as a memo board that needs to be painted before we can hang it,  and the list goes on.

And I want to get it all finished so that I can do the fun projects for fall! 




scenes from the weekend 9/18


This weekend flew by. I spent most of it with the paintbrush and roller. The house, at least the main living ares are torn apart. Dinner hasn't been cooked in days. Thank goodness we ate at the parent's house tonight.  I finally did make a store run for cereal, the kids were complaining.  When I wasn't with my paint tools we: did some thrifting, went to the rodeo parade, watched a movie together, cleaned up a friends house, and slept...lots.

On the list this week:

  • choir starts for Jack--hoping we can get him to think this is a good idea.
  • yoga
  • there is talk of a trim party tomorrow night (if you want to come bring a paintbrush. 
  • car time: rugby practice, drivers ed, etc.
  • Learning: Thailand, What's inside an animal body?
  • birthday planning!!!
  • Redecorating the painted areas

What's on your list?

scenes from the weekend

Angry Birds convert.

monopoly marathon





We had a fun weekend! A date with the hubby, lots of time in the garden, lots of time harvesting- lettuce, basil, and some zucchini.   I love that a big part of our main meals is coming from our garden,  the garden of someone we know, or that we harvested somewhere ourselves. The personal satisfaction is amazing. Not a lot of pictures this past week because I was elbow deep in modge podge for my class. The good news is I made amazing progress on the projects. And our oldest now is an official driver! Yikes.


On the list this week:

  • preserving: peaches, figs, lemon basil and lemon verbena.
  • garden- cutting back lettuce and chard that has bolted.
  • making- homeschool plans for next year
  • continuing with soul restoration class.
  • girls camp
  • yoga classes
  • company for dinner :)
  • visiting grandparents
  • plant pumpkins
  •  a felt project- not sure what yet, but I am feeling the need. :)
  • fireworks with kids
  • maybe time at a pool with kids.

What is on your list?