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Cars are the latest thing around here. So give the boy a couple of boxes, a hot wheel car and some duct tape and it equals hours of play.

Now on to the menu.  We are doing Thanksgiving at our house this year. We have invited the parents and the girlfriend.  Everyone had to put their two cents in on the menu. Looking at it now I think we better stop eating tomorrow so we'll have room.  :) 

  • Turkey- we are doing our usual brown sugar and brown mustard glaze, but this year I read about putting strips of bacon over the top to baste the turkey as it cooks. Ummm, yeah sign us up. :)
  • The Pioneer Woman's make ahead potatoes, aka heart attack potatoes.
  • Stuffing
  • rolls
  • cranberry/apple/orange sauce-- oh yeah by the spoonful.
  • gravy- because it's Thanksgiving
  • veggie platter and dip
  • Cheeseball- tradition, and I sang that to the tune from Fiddler on the Roof in my head.
  • Quesadilla- Jack's request.
  • Green salad- Alex's request.
  • pumpkin pie
  • Key lime cheesecake- Zac's request
  • Whipped cream.

I feel full already.

Tomorrow I will brave the grocery stores for the last minute supplies.

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving?

Sept 13 2010


I'm back to menu planning this week after a week of, "I have no idea" as an answer to what's for dinner.  I've really been enjoying the time and $$ saved by menu planning, not to mention that my freezer has also been enjoying the benefits. This week karate starts for Jack so Tuesdays and Thursdays need to have meals either in the crockpot or from the freezer.  Also with karate and tennis I want to make sure that he has a little more protein in his meals and snacks on those days. So here's this week's plan:


  • Mon- pancakes & fruit I slept in and daddy did breakfast so it was cereal. 
  • Tues- oatmeal & fruit
  • Wed- pumpkin pancakes & fruit
  • Thurs- Eggs and toast
  • Fri- muffins and fruit

Lunch (Jack):

  • bagel and cream cheese
  • chicken strips and corn
  • pb&j  with yogurt
  • mac & cheese
  • quesadilla


  • lemon pepper  chicken on the grill with corn
  • Sloppy joes- crock pot
  • Burritos
  • lasagna from the freezer
  • park-potluck
  • bean & rice bowls with cornbread


  • granola bar with milk
  • peanut butter balls
  • muffins
  • scones
  • mini cheese and carrot balls with crackers


  • pumpkin scones
  • breakfast bars
  • raspberry buttermilk bread