our planner for the year

This year I am also changing up the moleskine planner.  Last year I took a plain moleskine notebook and wrote the date and what we did each day for school. This year I thought we needed something a little more to keep organized.


First up an attendance sheet.  I don't like to log into my k12 account every day so this will help me keep track daily so that I can enter it once a week. 

After that we have monthly sheets for keeping track of seasonal learning and activities.



I highlighted birthdays and other days that I want to remember. I also have since added the older kids days off of school, since I know homeschool probably won't happen on those days.


Next up the weekly planner.  I got this one from I can't get the page to come up with the planner, hopefully that gets fixed. I like how this one is laid out. We can fill in our daily work and it spaces on the right side for: discussions and discoveries, creating, books, and watching and listening too. I figure it will be a good lead into keeping a project journal.


After that we have our subject dividers: math, language arts, spelling, history, science, literature, Spanish and art.

These will just be filled with things I need to keep for my reference like the list of words they will learn each week in Spanish. 

In literature we will keep a reading log and this is where I will put any narrations.

That is the binder in a  nutshell.


Organized for the new year

This year I have once again revamped the file folder system to hopefully work better for me.  I hope. Last years system was good, but still not quite there for me.  One thing that didn't work was the file crate.  It was too small to hold the folders they way I did them.  I had hanging folders with 5 files in each.  There wasn't enough room to do a whole year.  I didn't like having to take time to plan everything out when those folders ran out. 

I was out thrifting about a month ago and ran across this:


A file drawer on wheels...with a sliding lid. Perfect!  I could put my folders in there and hopefully it would slide right under my projects desk.  Unfortunately, it didn't slide right under my project desk, but I have a handy husband who fixed that by raising my desk  two inches.  After a coat of red paint it was ready to go.



For files I have 36 hanging file folders with 5 files in each, those are numbered 1-180.  Yes I am feeling very type a this year.  I am hoping that this keeps me from feeling like we must do more and trying to overachieve.  With the folders laid out this way, we will do each day and be done.  There always come a time of year when I feel like we aren't doing enough and must do more.  I am hoping that between laying out an attendance schedule and doing this I won't have that feeling. So far in each folder we have : spelling list, blank paper for spelling copywork, math sheet, science activity sheets, and history activity sheets.


The spelling lists are in the Monday folders. We will use the list on Monday and move it to the next day and so on.  The blank paper is to ease the handwriting issue. I have shared before that Jack has had fine motor skill issues.  The spelling paper frustrates him because he can't write that small yet. So I am trying to circumvent that problem ahead of time.  Art isn't in folders because I want to use it when it is relevant to our history studies.  Also language lessons aren't in the folders. The language lessons book has more than one lesson on a page.  The only way to split it into folders would be to copy the whole thing multiple times. See...I thought about it.  So we will just move it back through the folders. That works well for us anyways because some of the lessons are super short and we can do more than one in a day. 

The crate will be stored on the shelf underneath with our storybooks for history, art and science supplies.

Tomorrow I will share our planner for the year and links to the forms.