Learning to take the time

One of the major goals I have this year is taking time for myself.  I am not good at it. I used to be, because with 3 kids under three years old it is necessary for survival. Over the years it has become harder and harder to do. Life seasons I guess.  Those little ones became teenagers, who sometimes needed me more at that age than the toddler years. Classes, sports, homework, projects, there was just too much going on. And so that time for myself slowly disappeared.  


When I was telling my hubby about some things I wanted to change, he mentioned that he wanted me to take more time for myself and start doing things I want to do.  So we made a plan, I asked him to help keep me accountable.  


Here is how it looks so far. I pack up everything I think I might need and head to the coffee shop or library. I tried the book store but that was too distracting for me. I needed someplace quieter.  I try to spend at least one and a half to two hours. During this time I try to do things for me. I try to forget all my other to do lists- for family, for the homeschool group, etc.  I even try not to work on our homeschool stuff during that time. Easier said than done.  Two weeks in, this self care is working wonders. My family swears I come home happy. It has also helped me set boundaries in other areas of my life.

Another step was signing Jack up for an online writing class. Writing tends to be subject in our house that gets ignored, or causes tears. I decided that we would try one of the Bravewriter classes and we love it! It has been a blessing for both of us. We are both learning and it takes some of the stress off of me as the teacher. 

Another instance,  in our homeschool group that I run, I usually volunteer my house for activities.  This week I went to the library and reserved the community room for all of our upcoming activities, including the one this Saturday. I left the library feeling great. Activities at our house usually take me at least a day to prep and clean up from. No more. It felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. And my kids are happy about it- because it's their rooms that get messy, or their toys, or their lives that get interrupted. And that is exactly what it was an interruption.  Now we can enjoy the activity itself. I'm so excited about that. And that feeling is snowballing. I am starting to look for other areas of my life that I can outsource or things that can be cut out of the schedule.  

Happy mother's day.


A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” ―Washington Irving

Happy Mother's day!

The beginning


Tomorrow we start our homeschool year.  Jack is excited. When we talked about it this evening, he said he was excited to learn all the cool stuff this year.  I'm excited for that too. I'm also a little nervous. I don't think I am near as organized as we were last year.  We are switching curriculum and teaching methods for some subjects which makes me nervous. Last year despite all of the illness, crazy family stuff and drama we still were in a good groove. We really kind of rocked homeschooling last year. It was really nice. I hope we can get that groove back quickly.


This past week I took Jack school supply shopping.  Apparently his big need was markers, lots of markers. I have cleared off most of my project desk and given it to him to use for school. I have plans to turn it completely over in time, but there is a lot of rearranging that needs to take place for that to happen.  Hopefully we will have pictures soon.

Tomorrow is also Talisa's first day of college. We are so excited for her! 

award night

This past week we had awards night at our fencing club.  The awards were from our regional league.

Jack received an all star award for placing 3rd overall  in  his age group. He also received the medal for participating in a certain number of bouts.  He was so happy! Fencing season is over for us. A few more practices and then two months off.  Just in time too, since he was growing out of his jacket and lame. I know we will miss it though.

weekending 6/02

This weekend was a big one because it was Zac's birthday!  Park day Friday with the homeschool group and we stayed way too late into the evening. Saturday we went to breakfast, the rest of the family went to one of our favorite swimming holes and I stayed behind to relax out of the heat and cook dinner.   Then on Sunday we went to our favorite swimming pool in the county and spent the day with some friends.  Busy, exhausting and good.


Last week I spent the week in full decluttering and cleaning mode. Luckily, I was able to get quite a bit done. This week it is time to get down to the business of summer.

Here is the short list for the week:

  • summer science camp starts- we signed Jack up for a month long science class. 
  • gym time- the science class gives me time to workout
  • library time- it also puts us right next to the library three days a week which means the summer reading program and reading down our fines.
  • pool time- it also puts us at the pool three times a week. Bonus.
  • fencing- still going strong. Also this week is the awards ceremony from the region and a little party.
  • lacrosse party- maybe, possibly and most likely here. 
  • Job interviews for Alex. Wish her luck!

I will also be replanting some pots out front, which means time at the nursery! I am also hoping to do some baking to fill the freezer this week. It's getting warm out and baking in midsummer here can be hot! I am still working on getting our supplies and plan ready for next year and will have a post about that soon.

Hope you all have a good week!


December 18






Not much to say in these parts. We have been soaking up family time the past few days. Thankful for what we have and who we share our lives with.  I have been taking advantage of the fact that Jack said I could take as many pictures of him as I want.  Favorite memories over the past few days:

  • Jack and his huge piece of peppermint chocolate cake.
  • a mother-son date including a movie, dinner and Christmas shopping
  • making cookies with the family. We have a lot of zombie and ninja themed gingerbread men.
  • spending the morning reading Christmas stories and singing Christmas carols next to the tree.
  • going for a walk by the river to look for rocks. Coming back with 5lbs of them because every single rock was amazing.
  • watching Jack fall in love with a sport and be excited about it. Fencing is his life.
  • Jack waking up every day asking if it has snowed. Tonight it finally started to snow, I went in to tell him and he was already asleep. Hopefully it will be there in the morning.
  • I have declared the whole week a Christmas week. 


busy day



Today we had our group Christmas activity for our online school.


We had a fun time seeing our friends and making some decorations.

Jack did these in art class today. They are of Mary and baby Jesus.  I love them. He did so well.




Jack is really excited for Saint Nicholas day.  He even straightened his room up after all his classes this evening.


Our little St. Nick checking out the gifts.  She is such a silly cat.


where have I been?!?

It's been a while. Sorry about that.  I caught the bug going around and was down for a week or so.  I am still recovering, but getting better every day. We lost most of November, now we are struggling to get caught up to December. Here are some photos from the last little bit:

Jack with his Hero factory creation. What else do you do when confined to a room for 2 weeks?


The girls drug me out for some black Friday shopping. We made it about an hour and a half before I couldn't stand up anymore. Sigh.

After a month off, the boys are back to work on the bug. It got a paint job and is starting to get put back together.

The boy and his piggy.

Fiddling with some electronics.


Alex made Thanksgiving dinner for us, three days late. Everyone wanted to wait until I could eat with them.  She did it all. I was very impressed.

Jack did help grate the cheese for the cheeseball.


Last week we struggled to get back into our homeschooling routine.  We decided music can be good at certain times.


Jack made a sculpture of a Mario bomb from tissues, tape and permanent marker.  You can't really tell from the pic, but it was awesome.

And I opened an etsy store! Here is the link: 

So glad to be back here in this space and looking forward to posting more during my favorite season!




November already.

It's hasn't been the week I had planned.  I had planned on taking the week off of school, doing some fun science experiments, and enjoying time with friends.  What a turn of events. My father in law suffered an aortic dissection.  So we spent Tuesday night waiting for him to get out of surgery and have spent any spare time we have over at the hospital.  He is now doing well in  a regular hospital room and we are all trying to adjust to what this all means. We are very thankful that everything has turned out so well, that so many things were lined up just right so that everything would work out well. We are also very thankful for all the support we have received. Also very thankful I had everything in order so that we could drop everything and be where we were needed.

I had planned to do nanowrimo and nanblomo, but neither one is happening yet.  last time I tried to do those my father was in the hospital in ICU.  I think maybe it is a sign. 


The Halloween party went on as planned, thanks to the kids.  We couldn't be at the hospital anyways since my fil wasn't resting while we were there and it helped us lighten up a little.


Zac also wanted the kids to be able to celebrate and have some sense of normal. They look forward to the party all year.



And these are basically the only pictures I took. There is always next year. 


scenes from the weekend 10/21

I am skipping a weekly wrap-up this week.  We only did school for three days and not that much was done. 


I pulled out some art supplies and Jack's eyes lit up.  Love that he wanted to do some fun stuff with mom.


And yes, art is often made on our floor.Especially when the table is covered with projects.

The boy and his cat.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our cat?  Can't imagine not having her here. She is even getting a little better about being picked up.


Word on the street is primer by next weekend.  Squeee!


The crafts are starting to spill over to the back porch. Something needs to be done.

The boy, on the swing, reading a book.  I wish my eyesight was that good.

First day

 We are easing back in to our homeschool schedule this week. I wasn't planning on starting today, but everything just kind of fell into place.    Today was a good first day.


We finished quickly and because I am so well planned out this year I resisted the temptation to do more. Why? Because I know if we stick with the plan that we are doing enough.  Doing enough and still leaving time for time with dad, projects, Legos, swimming with friends and other goodness.  He even had fun doing art today!


Scenes from the weekend 8/12

Starting at the county fair.


Jack was thrilled to be tall enough to ride almost every ride. Alex, not so much. In fact she ended up loosing her lunch after one ride. Poor girl.





We ended the weekend with a visit to our favorite pool.  Gorgeous setting, up in a narrow canyon with a deck overlooking the creek and big trees all around.  Love spending time up there and need to do it more often, hopefully before they close on Labor day.



On the list for this week:

  • school starts for everyone! Agh!
  • hip hop and acrobatics for dance start.
  • my car goes in the shop and hopefully gets fixed. It's a bad time to be down a car with everything starting and everyone working.
  • House- need to save the house from the weekend. 
  • kitchen- this year is looking like we might have a hectic schedule. I want to start stocking the freezer now before our other classes start.
  • back to school party with our online school.
  • park day

I think I am going to let that be enough for this week. 

I have really enjoyed all the comments. Thanks for visiting!


scenes from the weekend 8/5

This weekend we took the opportunity of everyone having the day off and headed to one of our favorite spots.




"It's the biggest wish flower I've ever seen!"










We had a fun day. Great to be up in the mountains again.

On the list for this week:

  • science notebook and art portfolio for homeschool
  • finish up menu plan and do shopping that is needed.
  • start stocking freezer- school starts next week, time to do some baking and stock the freezer for quick breakfasts and snacks.
  • natural cleaner class- email supply lists, finish trying out recipes, and clean my house (it's a never ending project)
  • finish any school shopping
  • would love to fit in one last trip tot he mountains or to our favorite pool.

What is on your list?

take me out to the ballgame

Next week is the end of baseball season.  When the season first started I was wondering how the boys would ever learn how to play the game, it's a learning league and the rules are a bit different.  I'm amazed at how quickly they seem to be picking up on the game.  Over the past few weeks they've made amazing progress.




Above: Jack's first out.






I need to blow that one up. Love their cute expressions when they hit the ball.  I've been dubbed team photographer so my job is to take pictures and coach first when no one else will, which is fine because it's a great place to take pics from.  However it is hard to coach the base, take pics and keep the ball from hitting you sometimes.  We've been very lucky on this team, we have an awesome coach who cheers everyone on, including the other team.  We have awesome parents, who know it's about more than winning.  It really is amazing to see what can happen with a good attitude, such a difference from some of the sports we have been involved in.  It really is too bad that people are so hard on kids in sports. It's a shame that they can't see how wonderful it could be.

scenes from the weekend.






This weekend: garage cleaning, movie watching, picking up our new to us piano (!!!), music playing, bead making, biking, playing at the park, grocery shopping, game playing, a first break up :(- which meant crying, treat making, helping neighbors, etc.

On the list this week:

  • back to a light summer school schedule for Jack, he just does better with some structure to his days.
  • a bbq at the neighbors
  • baseball
  • A big birthday for my man! 40!!! And I need to plan something!!
  • getting the older kids on a "won't drive mom batty because we are out of school and bored" schedule.
  • play- lots of play- lots of fun.

What is on your list?