Picture the Holidays

Our advent list


In no particular order:

  1. Watch Frozen
  2. Charlie Brown's Christmas and the Grinch
  3. Elf
  4. Prancer
  5. Decorate Ninjabread men and sugar cookies
  6. Write letter to Santa
  7. Drive to look at lights with hot chocolate
  8. The Nutcracker
  9. Sleep under the tree
  10. leave treat for mailman, UPS man
  11. family game night
  12. doughnut shop
  13. candy shop
  14. snowman pizza
  15. The Santa Clause
  16. Prep and Landing
  17. Scrooge- Albert Finney version
  18. Eggnog and treat
  19. St. Nicholas day
  20. St. Lucia day
  21. snow day- we don't usually get snow here, but will drive to somewhere close that does. Of course as I am typing this it is snowing outside, but that is a fluke. 
  22. make pine cone bird feeders and other treats for the birds.
  23. Christmas crackers
  24. Candlelight dinner and bonfire for the Solstice.
  25. Open gift early
  26. gifts and treats to neighbors
  27. shopping/making gifts for each other
  28. shopping for the community kids
  29. ring the bell- our usual charity that we do it for is not doing it this year. I haven't been able to find out info for doing it somewhere else so we may need to bag this. :(  And Jack already made special strings of bells for us to ring.
  30. local Christmas festival
  31. Homeschool group party
  32. online school group party
  33. Dinner with the cousins.
  34. Dinner with the grandparents.


Of course some nights we will do more than one and some will be sure to be repeated which is why there are more than 24. 



New Moleskines ready for the new year.

And I have finally chosen my word for the year. It was quite an interesting process this year compared to last. I thought I had my word chosen, achieve. I sta down and began to journal about it and within two sentences it was looking like success would be a better word. As I continued to journal a different word started making itself known. So much so that I believe  it popped up around 25 times throughout the two pages. Hmmmm... I think someone is trying to tell me something. So my word for this year is:


I realized as I wrote that both the success and achievement I am looking for would happen if I was just more consistent in my actions or choices.  It really is at the heart of a lot of things I want to work on. 

Something to help along the way:

  • I am doing project 365. One picture per day for a year.  Look here for my flickr .

I also have a different word that I will also be focusing on through the year. REACH. I think I've told you before about the book I read that encouraged you to stretch, reach, or die. Basically it's doing things that are hard or out of your comfort zone. I've done a few stretches this year and enjoyed them. It has helped me grow.  So this year I want to do more REACHing. I want to be out of my comfort zone a little more.

I am looking forward to a year of consistency and REACHing towards the new me. How about you? Do you have a word for the year? What do you want to invite into your life?


December 28 2010

Zac and I took an afternoon hike today so that I could mess with the camera a bit more. I am really enjoying the class I am taking. It is getting me to pick up the camera and be deliberate with some of my pictures, which has been a good thing.


Today I was trying to get a good picture of the contrast between the warm red rocks and the white cold snow.


I've been a few days behind on the class due to the holidays of course, but also this cold I came down with. No sleep two nights in a row. The first night I was coughing, the second night I took cough syrup and stopped coughing, but also didn't sleep.



We had fun soaking up some sunshine before the storm comes tomorrow.




On another note, do you ever feel like you are on the brink of something big? Like something big is about to happen?


December 19 2010


Warm glow.


We've had a fun, full weekend full of friends, good food, and laughter.  Today we ran around trying to find cleats for the older boy and finish Christmas shopping with kids. I'm hoping to finish up my Christmas shopping tomorrow and be able to spend the rest of the week relaxing.The older kids are now on Christmas break--for 2 1/2 weeks.  I'm sure there are plans in the making for hanging out with friends, ice skating, sleepovers and the like. I for one am looking forward to no lacrosse practices and sleeping in. 

What do you do to recharge during the holidays?


December 16 2010


Alex had her Christmas band concert a couple of night ago. I had grand plans of posting a video of them playing, but apparently my computer doesn't like the video because I can't find it anywhere! Agh! They played so well! 


Tonight Jack had his belt test for karate.


I don't have many pictures without other kids in, so this will have to do.

We also did lots of making and baking. I hope to put a post up this weekend with all our handmade gifts.


And from the class:


The season of lights.

I'm seeing stars.

December 14 2010


Today we wrote letters to Santa. While I was taking pictures to document, I wondered how many years of the whole Santa thing we had left.  Steven was about 7 when he figured it out.  The girls never really said it, but it was probably around the same time. Could this be the last year?   Where does the time go? 

P.S. He was really proud of that fancy "r".

December 13 2010


A whole lot of happy.

Today we spent doing Christmas stuff. reading books, making projects, and little gifts.  Zac and Jack planted the greenhouse today!


It was very hot in there.  We have a few things that we still need to get: potatoes, kale.  We can't wait to start harvesting. While they were planting I was running around getting last minute craft supplies and picking kids up.  I am hoping to have most of my projects done by Thursday-- it could happen.  :)


And we ended up with two very tired boys.



December 4 2010


The key to my peace is creating. Oh, and peppermint mocha.

Today I was able to cross stuff off the list! Fun stuff! I spent the day working on my project list. Finished:

  • scarf
  • bath salts
  • peg people
  • rest of craft shopping--okay that last one doesn't really count because really is it EVER done?


The rest of the family enjoyed cleaning up the yard. :)  Look, they really are enjoying it!


Speaking of creating... makes me melt.

December 3 2010


All you need is love. 

I think of the movie Love Actually when I hear that line. Anyone else?

Today was my dads 65th birthday.  So we spent the day celebrating in various ways.


Our beeswax arrived yesterday so I taught Jack how to roll candles. He loved it and promptly made a bunch to give to Grandpa.



He wrapped them up in one of his special box and tape inventions, because really they go far beyond your normal box.  Then he waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity to go to Granpa's party.  After he gave my dad the box and explained candle making for everyone, he came over a gave me a great big hug and kiss.


65 candles.


A decent pic of the hubby.


I looked at this pic and wondered who this woman was and what happened to my daughter?!


And Elvis, yes Elvis was in the house.

December 1st 2010


Today's pics were all about gratitude. So in keeping with that I am thankful for:

  • being able to get a good nights sleep last night, with the roosters boxed up.
  • Zac tag teaming the carpooling situation today so I could spend some time at the Dicken's festival and not be rushed this afternoon.
  • peppermint tea (above).
  • the Christmas decorating being done. We scaled back this year, no one was really into the decorating except Jack. So he did the tree, I put up the stocking holders and a few table decorations and the rest went back out to the garage.
  • Night time pediatrics and benadryl. Steven had a really weird allergy thing happen tonight. No one is quite sure what exactly happened. All from a few bites of spinach lasagna. :(
  • Answers.  Jack's tooth is loose! He was being whiny while we were out today and I reached into his mouth and started to check teeth, sure enough one of the front one is getting pretty loose.



Jack made the candle today at the Dicken's festival. It was apparently one of the most exciting things that has happened to him in quite a while. While he was at drawing class today I had to run into Michaels so I picked up a candle holder for him to paint. As soon as we got home he went to work on it and by the time dinner came around it was ready to go.  Good thing I ordered beeswax yesterday! I see a lot of these in our future.