Project group learning



Our project learning group has been studying owls the past couple of weeks.  Everyone watched this documentary:

Then last week we did art projects based on owl anatomy.

First we had owl skulls:


Alex made this demo out of model magic, small pastic cups and ping pong balls.  This was to demonstrate the owls head and eye movement.

We made wing models out of paper and brads:

We also made feathers our of paper and coffee straws.

This week we dissected owl pellets:





We bought our owl pellets here and would highly recommend them.  We have done this once before and our pellets didn't have near the bones that these did. We also had a wide variety of bones from different animals. I will post pics once we get the bones all clean and mounted.

learning about fossils

Yesterday for our project group learning day we expanded on our fossil exploration.


We took a pie pan and spread a layer of clay in the bottom.  Next we took sea shells, spread vaseline over them, and then pressed them into the clay then removed them leaving imprints.  Finally, we mixed and poured plaster into the pie plate filling in the imprints and making a good base.  The kids loved this. Once they saw the results above they were experimenting with different ways to make their own fossils.


Including a shell mandala.  I can see lots more experimenting in our future. Alex made a dinosaur track replica and Jack cast his own hand. 

It was a great way to talk about casts and molds and the different types of fossils.