Currently I am:

Listening to: Pandora Christmas

Creating: I have a few stitching projects underway. Hopefully I actually finish them!

Planning: Book Club party this week, Thanksgiving next week, December plans- birthdays, Christmas parties, Nutcracker dates, etc.

Wishing: I wasn't so cold. I have not been able to warm up the past two days.

Wearing: Flannel, sweatshirts, sweats, wool socks, anything that will add warmth.

Feeling: Like I am not getting enough done.

Watching: Nothing. Not until Blacklist is on later this week.

Eating: Tonight we had breakfast for dinner. Eggs. Lots of eggs.

Wondering: When the dryer parts will arrive so the house can stop looking like a laundromat.

Reading: The Hobbit, Rising Strong, The Man With a Thousand Faces.

Drinking: Anything warm.

Loving: Time with my family and friends.


^^Warming up after nature study.^^

Week 14 wrap up


Some highlights of our last week.


  • memorized and recited The Man in the Arena excerpt by Teddy Roosevelt.


  • The Hobbit
  • Moby Dick (morning time)
  • Peter Pan (morning time)
  • Farmer Boy (morning time)


  • hiking with nature group
  • Barnes and Noble Maker Fair



  • Robert Louis Stevenson



  • basketball
  • pickleball
  • park time teaching the dog to go down the slide
  • riding bikes
  • fruit ninja on the kinect
  • origami



Coming back



It's been a long time since I posted. I miss it. This is the closest I get to journaling and I miss it. So I am making an effort to come back. We have a lot of fun things in the works this year for fourth grade.  We have planned some fun outings with our homeschool group including a nature study that I put together.  I am also wanting to have more accountability for certain things and a place to share my projects.

Here we go...

Scenes from the weekend 5/25


Our quail eggs have arrived. Here's  hoping we can hatch them.  We made an incubator out of a 10 gallon aquarium. We are having a hard time with temperature regulation. SIGH.


I have started working on some fall projects. I am hoping to get a jump on holiday projects this year and actually have some homemade gifts to share with those we love.


The hummingbird chicks have flown away. We put up a feeder in hopes of seeing them around.  I love this pic of them together after the first one had climbed out of the nest. It's almost as if he is reassuring his sibling.


This morning we woke to the sad news that the raccoon had killed the pea hen. We are heartbroken. Our neighbors, who owned the pea hen and were wonderful with letting her stay her after making her nest, have taken the babies to their house.  So we lost them all.  Like I said earlier, I really hope we can get those eggs to hatch.


We had my son and his girlfriend over for dinner and a movie tonight. Dinner was great. Jack made cupcakes for dessert, which he promises are the best ever. We watched Pompeii. Two hours of my life I will never get back. It was made bearable since we all have the same sense of humor and started narrating it.

It seems like it was a LONG weekend. We had fun though. The hubby and I were able to get out.  Alex and I started to shop and plan for a big party we are throwing in a few weeks. And the weather was wonderful.  We truly are blessed.

weekending 6/09


This weekend;

  • park day with our homeschool friends
  • farmers market- unfortunately it hasn't changed after all these years, mostly crafts and very little produce.
  • building a fence for the garden to keep the piggy out.
  • cleaning- a small price to pay for being gone all weekend and having a party here Sat night.
  • cleaning carpets- I had finally had enough of them and had to do it.
  • cooking and baking- lots of squash from the garden right now.  I also made a yummy apricot crisp.

This week looks busier than I had planned on, which is why I had to get so much done this weekend.  On the list for this week:

  • science camp
  • lego robotic class
  • fencing times 2
  • park
  • working out
  • time at the pool- as long as Jack continues to get better from the cold he came down with last week.
  • get ready for father's day! 
  • hopefully I will have time to continue my decluttering rampage. :)  I have plans for the house brewing in my head.


What are your plans this week?

weekending 6/02

This weekend was a big one because it was Zac's birthday!  Park day Friday with the homeschool group and we stayed way too late into the evening. Saturday we went to breakfast, the rest of the family went to one of our favorite swimming holes and I stayed behind to relax out of the heat and cook dinner.   Then on Sunday we went to our favorite swimming pool in the county and spent the day with some friends.  Busy, exhausting and good.


Last week I spent the week in full decluttering and cleaning mode. Luckily, I was able to get quite a bit done. This week it is time to get down to the business of summer.

Here is the short list for the week:

  • summer science camp starts- we signed Jack up for a month long science class. 
  • gym time- the science class gives me time to workout
  • library time- it also puts us right next to the library three days a week which means the summer reading program and reading down our fines.
  • pool time- it also puts us at the pool three times a week. Bonus.
  • fencing- still going strong. Also this week is the awards ceremony from the region and a little party.
  • lacrosse party- maybe, possibly and most likely here. 
  • Job interviews for Alex. Wish her luck!

I will also be replanting some pots out front, which means time at the nursery! I am also hoping to do some baking to fill the freezer this week. It's getting warm out and baking in midsummer here can be hot! I am still working on getting our supplies and plan ready for next year and will have a post about that soon.

Hope you all have a good week!


this week and some random thoughts.

This week is busy and exciting and huge. Already it's only noon on Monday and we've been to the dermatologist and chiropractor times two.  I'm having my second cup of coffee and trying to muster more energy for the day.

Tonight the girls have their all-star or all league game for lacrosse. It's going to be a late night.  Tomorrow Talisa has graduation practice and we are one day closer to graduation.  It's crazy to think about our oldest graduating. Of course, maybe not so crazy when your dermatologist refers to your age when answering questions. Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder that I am getting older. Actually he was talking to Zac, not me, but it still stung a bit.

I've decided that our lives will never necessarily slow down and I need to stop waiting for that to happen. Instead life seems to be more of a snowball speeding down a hill.  I think it started when our older kids hit about 12 years of age.  I need to stop trying to pull it back up the hill and just get on, enjoy the ride, and not hit any trees!

So in no particular order here is what we are up to this week:

  • lacrosse
  • graduation
  • fencing practice
  • fencing tournament
  • last day of school for the public school children
  • ordering curriculum for next year- more on that when I have time to write about it.

I am not in the habit of taking pictures much anymore.  So one of the only pics I took this weekend:


Taken while out shopping for a graduation dress. This one didn't make the final cut.  We ended up getting two. 

Hope everyone has a great week!





Random things on a Monday:

  • I made Jack a slouchy beanie. It looks good. I am thinking I need to make more.
  • I started making a stunt dummy aka fencing target today
  • I also made a practice foil. We won't order real gear for Jack until the end of the month, but he can't wait that long!  Time to get creative.
  • I made the first batch of pumpkin muffins for fall. Yummy goodness.
  • I finally started to get some of our school papers put away into binders.  Jack is really enjoying his picture history narrations and I want to keep encouraging that.
  • Laundry done. Phew!
  • We watched The NeverEnding Story last night. It's been a long time. I think Goonies will be next.
  • Did I mention that the leaves are already starting to fall off of our Mulberry trees? Just a few every day, but fall is coming.
  • I helped Alex replace her iphone screen tonight. It's not all done, but we did finally get it apart.
  • Zac and I have been trying to get back to our nightly walk. Unfortunately we keep picking the night before the garbage is collected, which means it is a smelly walk. 
  • Rugby started.  Enough said.

And I am glad Monday is over.



I hate that word.

Yesterday we went to a field trip at the local college. While we were there, a student started talking to some of the adults about homeschooling.  It was going well until she said something along the lines of, "Well that is good you get together every Friday, because, ya know, how else would your kids make friends."  Yes I am paraphrasing, but not exaggerating.

Ummm...yes we only come out of the cave once a week for two hours and we never answer our door.

I politely explained that our kids get plenty of social time. I even told her that my kids who go to public school- because I have three that do- have less time to socialize than their 7 yo brother.  He also gets the added bonus of taking lots of extra-curricular classes and pursue things that interest him. 

For fun I made a list of all the classes my 7 yo has taken over the past few years, including all of the ones he is currently taking:

  • karate
  • gymnastics
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • drawing
  • yoga
  • baseball
  • tap dance
  • choir
  • fun and fitness
  • hip hop
  • acrobatics
  • art
  • guitar
  • Lego robotics
  • fencing
Poor kid, he doesn't get out much. That isn't including field trips and other homeschool activities. Or his friends. We kind of have the opposite problem and have to watch the social time cutting into our learning time.

My kids that go to school don't have the time to do a lot of extras.  They are at school for 7 hours a day, then they have homework and now they also have jobs on top of that. No talking in class, no recess, a 45 minute lunch and that is it. They fall in to bed and night and get up bright and early to do it all again. On the weekends, they have to catch up on sleep, work and homework.  They don't have time to try out new hobbies or learn new skills unless the school offers a class in it. If the school does offer a class it turns it into work  the earn a grade.  They each play sports, which takes up the rest of any extra time they have and Saturdays.

People need to stop with the socialization argument already.

March -April 2007 459_3

random musings

It's becoming a Wednesday thing. :)

  • I finished another layout in Project life. I am really enjoying getting our pictures printed out and part of our story down.  It feels good. :)
  • Our guinea pig is about to give birth any minute.  
  • Tomorrow we get to visit with the doctor about turf toe.
  • Today we didn't have any appointments or classes that I had to go out for. It was wonderful. I baked muffins, made a great dinner, worked out about five hours earlier than I usually get to, we pulled out the art supplies and played. It was very nice. I need to be sure to schedule these type of days.
  • My husband is starting a new hobby, more on that in a few. 
  • The series of shark books we found at the library this week are very popular around here. Perfect for a shark-obsessed beginning reader.



random musings

 As if most of my posts weren't random. :)


  • Today we got the results for Jack's reading test. I was a little anxious about them, especially when the teacher started the conversation with, "What exactly do you use for language arts?" Turns out it was because he scored well.  Phew!
  • We went to Subway for lunch. We do Subway about once a week because I feel like it is a good way to see some change in his diet. He loves it. He gets so excited that even the people working there comment on it.
  • I started my first week of Project life. I will finish the rest tomorrow.
  • I was giving one of my girls a talk, not lecture, talk. Half way through I wondered if I was telling this stuff to her or if I was the one that really needed to hear it.  I think it did us both good.  It was the "don't-assume-anything-don't-expect-anything-because-really-you-only-have-control-over-yourself-and-your-reactions-and-don't-let-other-peoples-opinions-stop-you" speech.  Do it anyway. Sigh. Yes, I needed that. Thank you. 
  • Jack has decided he will try tap along with hip-hop. I also had my first conversation including the stereotype against boys in dance. Sigh.
  • Took Steve to the doc tonight, again. The running joke all night was that I would be rich if I got the $5 co-pay every time he was there. :)  Looks like turf toe. Referred to Sports Medicine. Seriously. I guess we may not be going to the tournament this weekend. Can't decide whether or not I'm okay with that. 


things I am loving this week


Library visits with Jack.

What are you loving this week?

finding peace


Peace. It is all about finding it no matter where you are and what is going on around you. Good reminder for the end-of-the-school-year-beginning-of-summer crazies.  The past two weeks have been tiring. Once again life has reminded me that it is in charge and things can and will change just like that. So I take the camera and go. Seeing what peace I can capture.



scenes from the weekend

May 14 2011 014
Messing around with the new phone while out on a date.

May 14 2011 010
A date always includes a stop at the bookstore.

May 14 2011 012
A visit to the duck pond.


Chasing butterflies. IMG_9633
Two watermelon plants.

milkweed in bloom

a bike ride to the park



On the list for this week:

  • girls lacrosse practice- I guess we aren't as done as we thought.
  • yoga
  • tennis
  • art lessons
  • end of the year band concert
  • contractor school
  • honors society program
  • park day
  • eagle court of honor for a friend
  • two more out of town lacrosse games- like I sais, not as done as I thought.
  • pick up gifted second hand bikes
  • write out some new goals
  • write up a new schedule
  • prepare for a new photography class that starts next week
  • baking: granola, breakfast bars
  • more pendant work
  • get books out to the garage for sale next week- we made a good dent in sorting stuff this weekend.
  • finish up our China geography study
  • rearrange some furniture again.

What's on your list this week?

like water


It's been one of those weeks. Every day has gone completely and totally different than planned. Some in a good way. Some in a not so good way.  Lots of ups and downs. Loads of unpredictability. Lots of emotional drainage.

I keep thinking of water. Able to move around and through things  yet strong enough to move boulders and carve canyons. Cleansing, calming, comforting.

And yet I try.


December 6th 2010


Every little thing.



Some things I've loved over the past week:

Hope you had a great Monday!



November 29 2010

November 29 2010 035

The only pic I snapped today. The leapster is saved for waiting rooms and long car rides.

  • Spent a good part of the morning at the ear doc, again.  When I told Jack that he had to go to the doctor with me again--mind you he's only been to the dr with me once...ever.  He sighed dramatcially and said, "Again!" Ummm...yeah cry me a river.  Anyways the verdict is the infection is gone and shouldn't come back, though I have proved them wrong before. The senstivity to the cold should go away, eventually. And there is still some swelling from the infection. But no more drops for now and the same instructions as before.
  • I got a crazy hair and I dyed my hair. ;) Like really dyed it. 
  • Thanks to my lists, despite spending way too much time at the dr's I actually accomplished something, not much but something.
  • I think Jack may be getting ready to loose some teeth. We know his front ones are getting close- thank to the xray at his last appointment. Hes been complaining about them being sensitive when he eats certain foods-especially chwewy foods. I'm wondering if maybe this has something to do with how whiny he has been lately? He has been super sensitive and whiny.  I realized it a little over a week  ago and have been trying to figure out the cause. Hmmmm....just some random thoughts there wondering if it is more than coincidence.
  • I got dreidels and gold coins for Wed.
  • Jack was telling Talisa all about leaving his shoes out for St Nick. I had forgotten about that--hey last Christmas season was hectic-- looks like I have some planning to do.
  • Check out my right sidebar. I added some links for the classes I'm taking. This Wed my photo class will start and then in January the Soul Restoration class starts. I'm super excited for both!

November 8th 2010


Full of love today.

  • Steven's down with a fever and sore throat--it looks really sore.
  • tomorrow is the history fair.
  • I'm using the eardrops again. 
  • Today I really wanted a diet coke.
  • I was able to do a project today-pictures to come.
  • It's cold outside. Where did my fall go?

Hope you all had a happy Monday.