reviews review

We recently had the opportunity to review the website. 

Here are some of the great features of this fun website.


 I liked the spelling words feature.  You can add your own words. This would be a great review tool for so many kids.


The math facts review. 


Typing practice.  This was a good feature to have for those young kids still learning their way around a keyboard.

I thought there were a lot of good features on this website and for most kids it would be a great learning tool.  I was mainly wanting to try out the math fact practice.  We found that the math facts were  scored on whether they were correct and how fast you typed the answer.   While this is a useful feature, it was a drawback for us. My son tends to be a perfectionist, so being told he was too slow and not typing fast enough, turned him off of the program almost immediately.  He knew the answers immediately but is slow at typing.  It was very frustrating for him. Maybe there was a way to turn that feature off, if not there should be. Depending on your philosophy of education and the age of your child,  speed isn't that important of a factor.  As a result we didn't use the program for the full trail period we were given.

With that said, I do believe that this website ia a great tool and would be useful for many kids. It just wasn't a great fit for us.  We are grateful for the opportunity we had to try out the program. 

Here is the link for those interested in checking out for themselves.



We were recently given the opportunity to review the Time4Learning website and curriculum.  We were given a month to use it.   Since we already have a main curriculum for this year, we used it to supplement. He worked in the 3rd grade level which had math, language arts, language art extensions, science, and  social studies.

Things I liked about it:

  • the spelling lists on the parent dashboard.
  • the science supply list
  • the planning pages


The activity planner is very easy to use. I like that you can pick the start and stop points for all subjects, or just one at a time.  You can also choose where to start in the curriculum. 


I liked that I could print out the quiz answer keys.  I also liked being able to generate and print reports. I could generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports. I like to use those to print and put in his portfolio.  Anything that makes keeping a portfolio easier I love.


I like that I could set how long the lessons were and how much time he could spend in the playground area.   Jack gets migraines and his trigger is light from televisions and computers. Having a timer I could set made it easier to control his time online.  That isn't something everyone has to worry about, but it makes a difference for us.


One area that we didn't explore much was the writing tool.  This is someting that we have not had available through other websites before and it is something we will be exploring in the future.

Overall, I liked the program. I liked all the different features for parents. It was easy to set up, change grade levels and easy to use in general. 

Jack loved it. Seriously. He asked to do it almost everyday.  His favorite section to visit was the Language Arts. That is saying a lot. This boy doesn't love doing language art work and the fact that he asked to do it almost every day on Time4Learning says a lot to me.   When our month was over, he was still asking to visit Time4Learning and asked to sign up for it. While I didn't schedule the activities for him to do, it was easy for him to navigate and find lessons pertaining to what we were learning about with our main curriculum. 

We have used the k12 online curriculum before  and have been looking to replace it. While we would never have a online curriculum as our main curriculum, because of his headache issues, this gives us  a great option to supplement.   We both give it a thumbs up. 

Time4Learning offers prek-12th grade online curriculum.  This review is  entirely my own and not written by Time4Learning, but I was compensated.