stitching update

Jack has moved on from embroidery for the time being. I wanted to find a way to present his work and honor it.  I rearranged our entry wall so that we now have a place to hang our stitch work.


I started working on some quick stitch projects so that we could stitch together. I ordered some already stamped linens to work on. These are great for me because they don't require a lot of planning and I can literally pick them up and go.


So far, I have finished a fall bread cloth. It has this cute little pumpkin design in each corner. It turned out really cute and I can't wait to use it!



The other day Jack asked me to show him how to stitch.  I asked him what shape he wanted to stitch we drew it up and he got to work.


The next day he decided to make a stuffy for his best friend.  He designed it, cut it and stitched it himself.  It's a Minecraft block.



That evening he stitched a surprise for me:


And since then he has completed a few more:






These will be framed soon.  I love that he has found something he enjoys spending time on.   He told me it's quite meditative.  I know that it why I love doing it. I just need to actually finish a piece. My favorite part is hearing him say, "Mom want to sit and stitch with me?" 

scenes from the weekend

A snake at park day.

A worm bin completed.


The mason bee home I made last year is no longer vacant! We have bee larva!!! So excited about this.

The weekly batch of granola.

The latest felt project. Star magnets.

Not pictured: the birthday cake with family, the coffee, the late nights staying up waiting for teens to be home, the back to school shopping,  the chores.


On the list for this week:

  • homeschool planning full force- be ready for some posts on that.
  • our next class for the co-op is going to be a green cleaner day, I know it doesn't have much to do with gardening but there are some that are interested. So I am starting to gather resources for that and create a binder.
  • Another project I am getting ready to start is an herbal medicine kit for the coming winter. Time to  gather resources and organize them. 
  • School shopping as our schedule allows.
  • And that is all. Well you know what I mean, that and the other hundred things.

What is on your list?


it's a monster

I'm knee deep in trying to plan for next year and trying to get myself organized. I wanted to give you a homeschool post, but it wasn't finished yet.  I am getting the cold that is making the rounds. I don't do well with head colds. It's not even that bad and I am already foggy and sensitive. Oh so fun.  Here is what I have finished:


That's probably what some people think I look like this week.  Which is fine. I think he is cute. I do wish he was a little bigger, so I may have to adjust the pattern.   In the process of making I had ten people ask me what I was making. When I told them I was making a monster, every single one asked why.  And every time I answered, because I want to. 




a day in instagram


Zac is doing a huge woodworking project for our house. I was up early and helping him paint in my pjs.


Eventually Jack joined us for some target practice.

Back inside for reading and breakfast.


My neighbor brought over some garden goodies. Dinner went from blueberry mango quinoa to a pinto bean, garlic, onion, pepper and tomato quinoa burrito. It was yummy.


One piggy went to a new home.


A chore system for Jack. The cards are from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We are not using the whole system, just the cards.  I put them in this badge holder for him to wear during chore time to hopefully keep him on track.  The cards from her system just happened to have the chores I needed on them so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. 

A felt plushie in progress.  This shop has so many cute patterns.  Time to get my project on with some sewing.

What's not pictured:

  • the workout
  • the mom binder that I finished printing out
  • the garden co-op work done
  • the laundry
  • the book decluttering
  • the chatting with kids
  • hugging the hubby
  • making his coffee
  • the phone calls- almost caught up
  • cleaning out the fridge
  • other housework


felt suns

Happy solstice! We celebrated by going to a neighborhood potluck/ice cream making contest. It was fun and HOT!  I wanted to do a felt project this week and worked off of this pendant that I ran across on pinterest. 



I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. They seem a little big for pendants. Any ideas?  They are about 2  1/2 inches.  It does give me ideas for Christmas ornaments. 

monster pants

I've finally been getting around to some projects this week.   For one of them, I tackled the holes in the knees of Jack's pants. Last spring I scored some pants for Jack at a garage sale for 25 cents each. The only problem was they had holes in the knees. Jack likes the holes and thinks they are cool, but they were starting to bug me. Now I know I saw these somewhere on the internet, this is not my original idea. The problem is I can't remember where I saw this idea first. So forgive me for not linking back. If anyone knows of the first post with this idea, lmk. :)






The good news is he likes them. They are still cool enough to wear.  

my new space

This project has been in the making for a few months now and it is finally done!  After years of having to do dinner time while accommodating my projects laying all around, I finally have my own space.

There is still some final tweaking to be done, but it is useable!  Talk about fitting a lot in a very small space. The two brown boxes on the floor to the left hold craft supplies- top one wood craft and the bottom holds felt in yards.  The basket in the center holds my bag that I take projects out and about in.  The right brown box holds felting supplies.

From the left: old floss drawer that I found thrifting- perfect for my stitching supplies, my vintage typewriter, the pile of papers needs to be dealt with, and Jack cut the hearts out of felt.


On the top shelf is a pencil sharpener which is hidden behind a jar of felt beads, a big jar of buttons, jars holding- rubber bands, wooden thumb tacks, and mini wooden clothespins(for the shutter memo board in the top picture),  our terrarium, a metal bucket holding pens, scissors, markers and paint brushes.

The middle shelf- binder holding all of my class printouts thus far, embroidery patterns, felt patterns, and one full of homeschool ideas. Side note- I just realized they were all thrown on there after I had finished them yesterday.

Bottom shelf: card catalog of lesson plan ideas for homeschool., extra moleskine notebooks, blank canvases, and a big sketchbook, three hole punch, beeswax polish and my post it note supply. :)

In the far corner lies the photography supplies. The green crate houses our homeschool stuff in use. The roll of white paper on top is for an upcoming school project. You can see my planning notebooks in front. And the stack of papers in the middle are my home cleaning/organization ideas and planner. 

Time to create!


Yay the computer is back!


Candle holder covered in mod podge and sprinkled with glitter.

first attempt at a pocket gnome. He still needs a hat.


a felt bunting garland for the tree.


repurposing the now to small desk for a lego table.

wood ornaments with beeswax polish.


homemade snow globes.

kindle cover. The ribbon comes aorund the front and ties, but I didn't want to cover the mushroom. :)



new threads


I'm not sure what my favorite part of Tuesday afternoon is- the boy having yoga, or being able to browse the stores next to the yoga studio?  Today it was definitely browsing the stores. Unfortunately the yarn and thread store is going out of business. Fortunately they have everything 50% off. Unfortunately I didn't have a project in mind going in to the store today. Fortunately they will be open for another two weeks.

And really is there such a thing as too much floss?

I've had some projects swirling around my head lately, but after really seeing these colors I have thought of a few more. Now to make a list!


17 years ago


I married this guy. :)  Yesterday we celebrated our 17th anniversary.  It's also becoming known as the garden day since every year that is when the weather is finally good enough to get the garden ready.


For Zac's gift, I did a wall in our bedroom.  The 3-19- is part of our wedding date, I didn't get the 94 finished in time.  The round hoop on top is our family "tree", I'll post a close up of it later.

This picture was taken at a weird angle which makes everything else look crooked. :)


And this is the other side of the big frame.

I have one other piece I want to do for the wall, but my fingers need a break this week. 

knee deep


We've been knee deep in:

  • chicken selling & coop finishing
  • projects, oh the projects. I have a deadline for Saturday for a bunch of projects I am working on and they have taken all of my free time, photo time and all other times in between. I think my hand will be glad for a rest after all this stitching.  I will post pictures when it is all done.
  • tracking down various thread and other components for the projects.
  • baseball games
  • sleepovers galore
  • spring cleaning--actually we haven't been hitting this as hard as we should be. Yikes.
  • spring break-iness and all that entails with teenagers.
  • insomnia, which would explain my current mood.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful spring break.

crafty goodness

Here are the finished projects and one work in  progress from this week.




Practicing subway art.


wooden necklace pendants in progress.


Finished at last. Ignore my bad french knots, I really have a hard time with them. I think I may pick these out and replace them with beads because I just don't think I can go through the knotting experience again.


Another work in progress.

birthday for a friend

Sunday monring Jack announced that it was Teddy's birthday. Teddy is his stuffed dog that has been around for years and has just recently become very popular again.


He decided we needed a party with cake and presents. Hmmmmm...


So we invited all of Teddy's friends over. ;)


We had a blueberry muffin cake. Zac decorated it. :)


For presents he recieved a hand me down friend--on the left and


A quickly stitched, personalized sleeping bag.


Happy birthday Teddy!


stitchin' along


Next week is our wedding anniversary! Agh. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out something meaningful,  cheap(thus is our life right now) and wonderful to do for Zac.  So I think I am going to make and or do something wonderful for the walls in our bedroom. I have a saying floating around, a stitching idea or two and a couple of empty canvases. 

Above is my current stitching project. I love this tree and it's many moods.


finally finished

This week I've been working on a little birthday surprise for one of our wee friends. It's the first felt crown I have made.  I used the pattern out of The Creative Family, by Soulemama.


Instead of doing elastic, I don't have a sewing machine, I stitched ribbon into both sides for ties.


It went together quickly and easily. Looking forward to making another one, especially now that the blanket stitch is down. ;)


Works in progress


It's week 4 of Brave Girl camp and the projects are all over the house.  I'm sure my family has hopes of one day being able to use the dining room table for eating meals again and no longer risking  an elbow sticking to an errant modge podge spill. :) Someday.


Today alone I have:

  • painted
  • collaged
  • made shrinky dinks ;)
  • stitched


And loved every minute of it.  What are you creating?

January 19 2011

This has been the craziest day.  Among other crazy things, tonight a drunk driver sped down our cul-de-sac hitting the cars parked across the street then almost hitting our neighbors grandson head on in his truck, before finally stopping. We heard the noise and went out to see what was going on.  Come to find out from some witnesses that he also hit the light pole around the corner on his way here.  Crazy! Thankfully no one was hurt.

After that,  Zac and I were watching a movie and I decided it was a good night for some stitching.


Tooth fairy pillow.

Jack has had two wiggly teeth for quite a while now so this project needed to get done soon.  At least I hope he needs it soon. Really, how long can those two teeth hang on?  I just freehanded the whole thing. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't check for straight lines, since there aren't any. :)  But I think it turned out pretty cute.

January 7 2010


I love Friday evenings. We come home from park day with everyone happy and tired. The older kids are excited for the weekend, which means more tech time for them. The little guy is in a state of happy exhaustion after playing with his friends all afternoon.  Everyone is ready to relax and sleep in.  Everyone goes to their chosen room, or screen in most cases and chills for the evening. 

For me it is usually a combo of catching up on blog,  missed television shows, and journaling or researching about some great conversation with friends at park.    I kind of love Fridays in a big way.  

This weekend :

  • Fish Fry at the parents to cook up some of the many fish that Steven and his grandpa have been bringing home.
  • some decluttering/deep cleaning-- not too much but enough to feel like we are accomplishing something.
  • I'm hoping to revamp a thrifted canvas for project.
  • Some tennis and hiking.
  • Getting some thoughts and plans together for the new season of homeschooling.
  • Baking. I need to do some baking.
  • Be more consistent, ahem, about getting the camera out. :)