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Valentine's day is almost here. My daughter was telling me that at her school this week it is love week. There are different themes for different days like tomorrow is-buy a sophomore lunch day, Thursday is make a new friend day.  I love it.

In honor of love week here are my links that I love:

Hope you all have a happy love week.


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Agh! Monday strikes again.

Some links I am loving lately:


December 6th 2010


Every little thing.



Some things I've loved over the past week:

Hope you had a great Monday!



moving along

I had to share this fun project.  I found a new to me blog that has really inspired me to do some crafting with our school this year. Katherine has been doing themes of the week this summer with her children. She has a ton of cute, fun ideas! I saw the popcorn one, that I linked to and the drive in movie grabbed my attention.  So I put it to use.

Today we had an easy day. Zac was off and I was tired. We spent some time outside with the animals, in the garden and cleaning up. While Jack was out playing I started putting this together:

August 19th 2009 011 

Painted box, yogurt lids fitted with red paper for brake lights, foil headlights, big push pins for radio dials, and I even made him a set of keys out of luggage keys and an extra key chain.  And yes I realize the steering wheel is oval. I'm tired and ran out of paper. ;o)

August 19th 2009 006 

August 19th 2009 004

This afternoon he was able to stay home with dad while I did carpool and have a drive in movie.

Things I'm enjoying today

Here are some blog posts that I am enjoying today:

5. Their values and roles are linked to their priorities.

If you know your values, then you have a base for your priorities. For example: a mother has her role, and has her values as a mother, so her priorities are set accordingly.

Is the way you're managing your time right now reflect your true values and priorities?

How is Your Time Management?

Rather than thinking about quantity — of ideas, of experiences, of work produced — we need to think about quality. Spending more time doing less, so we can do better and appreciate more. A single experience, really and truly had and understood, is more valuable than weeks and weeks of rushed, unconnected, random experiences.--

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